Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Montly reports

Comensha (former Foundation Against Trafficking in Women) has released monthly reports: over here (see also an older post about the same subject)

maandrapportage augustus
maandrapportage januari-juli 2009
maandrapportage januari-juni 2009
maandrapportage januari-mei 2009

Nowadays they also include victims from other sectors of prostitution. There are lots of men who are exploited. Funny that they treat the victims as one group, making comparisons over the years very difficult and trivializing the particular degradation of being forced to work in the sex industry.

Plus ...... they have information about specific sectors where prostitutes are forced to work. It is interesting to see that until July forced prostitution in clubs and privéhuizen was less prevalent compared to window prostitution it seemed. Then suddenly in August the clubs and privéhuizen overtake window prostitution. It shows how tricky numbers are. What is also still striking is the large number of Dutch victims.

For many victims the type of place/brothel where they worked is unknown. Many have been forced to work in prostitution, but it is not known where. Also men have been forced to prostitute (8 men between January-August 2009). Using the August report, of the 402 women who are victims of human trafficing it is known that:
113 where forced in prostitution but it is not known what type.
25 in a brothel/club.
21 in window prostitution.
13 as an escort.
9 in street prostitution.
2 in a massage parlour.
2 in a privéhuis

Some people have worked in multiple sectors. Also, there are other types of labour where victims have been forced to work (but truely, I'm not so interested in that yet, the food on my plate is still just food, the house where I live in is still just another house). Men are especially forced to work as construction workers, in agriculture and in horticulture. The same is true for women, but women are also forced to work in privately-owned houses, I guess as housekeepers.

And ..... for something completely different, it seems that the volkskrant and nrc have opened up their archives. I found some completely new stuff there. I will point some of that out in the future. Actually the information is not new, basically it reconfirms what we already now.

But to give a preview:
Liever de hoer spelen dan land uit (Victor Lebesque, May 28th 2001)
This article in the Volkskrant describes Romanian women who were forced to prostitute in the sex club Ria on the Overtoom in Amsterdam. That is a total revelation to me because I always assumed that this was one of the better brothels. Actually this was what the anthropologist Paul van Gelder told me. I actually also read this years ago I guess in the weekly magazine Aktueel. The madam is interviewed and she told that she carefully screens the women who want to work in the club. She even refused women who had been sexually abused.

It seems that I got rid of another mirage in my head.

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