Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More info and selected quotes

Time for some extra information from my regarding escort prostitutes and prostitutes who receive in their own houses.

Concerning the home workers, I often noticed that when the client made a call to the advertised number, the boyfriend or husband took up the phone. Also some of the boyfriends or husbands open the door and are present in the house while the prostitutes receives her client. Sometimes the man in the house joins in (some couples also offer their service together). One woman received at her brother’s place. Clients also notice that there are sleeping children in the bedrooms.

I don’t know if many of these boyfriends or husbands also force or manipulate the women to do this work. You rarely hear about it in media about this form of prostitution (I bring into mind that the women are many times older than thirty). But on the other hand, it could be. But the men didn’t seem to do anything bad.

I often see the clients complain about the messy interiors of some of the prostitutes’ houses, but this doesn’t happen most of the time. Some women seemed to be on drugs, also while they received clients.

Some prostitutes receive with other prostitutes in their own house. These seem more like illegal brothels.

Many prostitutes advertise that they can be filmed or photographed. Some clients indeed do this, for their own personal use (I wonder if they also put these films on the internet).

Sometimes clients complain that the girl who comes by is not the girl in the advertisement.

Sometimes escorts and home prostitutes seemed to be forced. In some cases the clients has a strange feeling about it, but cannot tell why. For instance, an Eastern European prostitute who receives in a demolition neighbourhood ( this link ), or the porn actress Angelika Black who constantly talks to client about her boyfriend, the client therefore believes that she works for him (this link, she work for Zuzana escort as Elena).

I will quote the cases where I believe the situation is more is less clear (translated from Dutch into English):
Tilburg, Esmiralda (26-29 years old, African)
25 August 2008, 17:02
On kinky and sexjobs there’s and advertisement of a halfblood (?) in the midst of her twenties. She’s supposedly named Esmeralda, and [she] loves several things. Giving blowjobs, gangbang, cumming over belly or face, all no problem according to the advertisement, but appearances are deceptive.
Last week I went to her place. It is a sweet girl with a beautiful body, but of what was in the advertisement, not half a sentence was true. Blowing went difficult, she did cunnilingus but her heart wasn’t in it. I even discovered that she was circumcised, I haven’t witnessed that in my entire lifetime. She’s continuously busy with toilet paper / kitchen roll to clean away each little spot, because according to her own word she is very keen on hygiene. You understand it already… I phoned for [having] half an hour [of sex], and after 25 minutes we were finally fucking. At least… When the top of my junior disappeared into her, she pushed me away. Afraid that I would thrust deeper. And above all, the time was almost running out, and she did point that out to me, so what was left was the handcart [he means masturbating himself]. Well, I could better have saved that € 80, -. What a mockery was that.
I pointed out to her everything what was in the advertisement, and what we didn’t do. She said to me that she rented the room [peeskamer], and that she had to hand over half of her money to the man who placed the advertisement. According to her he just put about everything in the advertisement, what she didn’t want herself. So you are being ripped off before you make an appointment. So he was just her pimp.
Maastricht, Nancy (19 years old, Belgian)
May 13th 2006, 10:52
I finally thought to have found a nice little address in Maastricht to relax after my work, so I called to a horny little schoolgirl according to the websites who still studies. She called herself Nancy 19 years. But what turned out while making the appointment?

To my surprise it was the same lady with whom I had a lesser experience last year.
She is the same person as HETE KELLY from Maastricht. EVA AND KELLY had the same IP address then in Maastricht.

Kelly was also discussed on hookers about the story that she supposedly was only 16 years old.

August 18th 2008, 11:51
Once made an appointment as a result of an advertisement on the internet.
Made a appointment via telephone after which a true espionage scenario is ran through. Arranging on a parking lot in the neighbourhood, driving behind the agreed car. Arriving at the apparent complex but walked behind the lady and the companion (also advertises as dark pamper). Only after being inside you are addressed by the companion. The match takes place in an empty room where an unmade mattress lies. A scary fuck-shed [peeshok]. The girl works herself silently and dutifully through the whole affair.
On the whole I got a very nasty feeling. Everybody should know for himself, but if I do it myself, it is nicer and it costs nothing. Furthermore I don’t know what I should think about the motivation of the lady and the role which her “protector” plays in this.
Rotterdam, Tina (18-21 years old, Thailand)
January 6th 2008, 16:09
Tina is an Asian girl, who receives in Rotterdam. Advertisement is on Kinky almost daily. Made an appointment last Saturday. 1 hour with blowjob without [condom] for € 120,=.
She didn’t really make a spontaneous impression and the fondling and blowing was very dutifully (not out of free will?).
I wasn’t allowed to play with her pussy, later on it turned out why.
Then put a condom on and fuck. Again very dutifully with standard soft moaning sounds. When I wanted to change position she actually didn’t want it. What turned out when I removed my dick from it: she had her period.
I immediately stopped and had my condom removed.
With great difficulty got my 50 euro back, because I had been inside half an hour anyway and she gave me a blowjob.
In my opinion a girl to never go to again!!

January 7th 2008, 11:42
Here idem ditto.
On the phone you get a spontaneous lady, once there a small puny Thai girl who looks as if she just got up and without announcement a strange guy suddenly stands before her door. I neeeeever taaake a Thai girl again (I thought lets try something else), rather give me the Latinas and Brasileras and other Southern American chicas.
It had never experienced this; almost wanted to slam her awake. Pulled my dick out (first thrusted hardly and deeply a couple of times, ha ha that hurt) and then just stopped.
Weird shit that Lisa.
Amsterdam, Vicky (22-25 years old, Kenia)
December 6th 2007, 20:07
Went to this girl, learn from this!

First called to the ‘owner’ of this girl, could make an appointment and come by during the afternoon. A complete bull-story about that he had to call her etc. etc. if she was home etc. etc.

At arrival in the street made contact again with Ali the Pimp. Was piloted to a house but unfortunately for Ali I was there a bit quicker than he thought. The result was that I could hear the doorbell ring through the telephone: MISTER THE PIMP IS PRESENT IN THE BUILDING. I wish I had gone back immediately.

Vicky eventually opened the door and brought me to a room. After handing over the money she left the room to hand in her money to Ali the Pimp.

Once back this girl takes no initiative whatsoever and according to me she does it more out of fear for the aliens police ánd Ali than for something else.

After locking the door at my request the light couldn’t go on because of lack of curtains. The sad thing is that Ali removes the towel here from the couch in the evening and watches TV.

So in the dark trying to fuck this lady but the condom was rather rough. After request for lubricant the lady comes no further than a bottle of generic-brand bodylotion.

After having been indoors for a quarter of an hour squirted my semen and put my clothes on. The rest of the hour didn’t matter for me anymore. To make matters worse there was no washing facility for the lady or bin for the condoms. I was allowed to use one of the last generic-brand lotion tissues which she also uses to wipe off her vagina….. also good stuff to wrap in your condom and lay it on the table.

This African lady receives in African circumstances, is probably also true for her colleague Joyce.
January 24th 2009, 10:53
Lady comes from Kenia.
Clearly has a pimp.
Actually works under the negotiable price.
Has an extensive service packet.

All risk factors which point to not doing this work voluntarily.

The question is how much you help her by not visiting her.
With too little clientele the ladies are sold on and eventually end up in very disgusting circuits.

She works, or advertises at least, sometimes not for a while and then resurfaces again.
Rotterdam, Naomi (18-21 years old, Surinamese)
December 2nd 2008, 16:48
Rotterdam knows many hidden talents.. While last week I discovered in [Rotterdam] Zuid a pretty Moroccan young, pretty and sexy girl, this time I brought a visit to the Surinamese Naomi on the Noordereiland. I saw her advertisement on Kinky and the photos appealed to me. I phoned her somewhat earlier already, but during the day she is mostly not available, because she is still going to school. Now I was lucky. She had just arrived and she was freshening herself up. At arrival my breath faltered back in my throat. If I had glasses, I most certainly would have cleaned my glasses. A dark-haired young beauty where no man can withstand. After payment to her housemate, who withdrew discretely, she began to French kiss me immediately.

January 10th, 2009, 08:40

Also visited this girl once last month.

Yes it really is a (black) beauty but if she does this work out of full conviction remains the question to me.

She receives at her “boyfriend” his place, nice guy who withdrew discretely after payment. Earlier this “boyfriend” had another dark girl working for him he told me. I believe from Capelle [aan de IJssel].
Apeldoorn, Linda (29 years old, Dutch)
September 6th 2006, 00:01
She now indeed does carsex and open-air sex, but also comes on escort she informed me through the telephone.
Agreed to do an hour, 80 euro all in. On the agreed time she arrived at my home, but she had brought her boyfriend or such with her for safety she said, but alright, she knows me from prive2000 and knows I’m not a strange guy.
A very asocial young man of (I think) Antillean descent (dark) who started to scream that I had to pay in advance, only then he would go away. I paid quickly and went with Georgina to my bedroom, but she wasn’t really very enthusiastic. She made a very nervous impression on me and wanted to leave as quickly as possible, lied there watching on her telephone all the time… She probably didn’t have her day and I’m not used of this from her.

September 7th 2006, 01:10
When I called her I got her (foreign) boyfriend on the line who threatened me with death if I didn’t leave his girlfriend alone now.

September 18th 2006, 11:46
I still find her a nice girl, but that boyfriend is a pity indeed, I also got to see a photo of him and their little child.
Utrecht, Jenny (21 years old, Dutch)
January 14th 2009, 11:06
Yesterday went to Jenny for an hour. Nice girl of 21 years. Receives on the edge of the inner city in Utrecht.
After entry Jenny was pretty stoned, but still a very nice girl. Beautiful body. After a drink went to the bedroom. It was cold there because there was no heating. But ah, keeping each other warm then. Started to finger her while she laid passively on the bed.
She only started to do something when I asked if she wanted to give me a blowjob. After putting on a condom she did that.
Then fucking and after fucking she stood up and started to blow dope……..

Yesterday the price was still 200 euro, but now it dropped to 150 euro per hour. It can go quickly.

Conclusion: beautiful sociable girl, but clearly does it only for the money. No initiative, no enthusiasm.. she has a tattoo of her boyfriend on her body and got almost the impression that she’s especially doing it for him.. But I can’t proof that…

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