Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Talking about Zuzana: I just received the news that three recruiters for the agencies Zuzana, hotelbabes and Hotelgirls have been apprehended who are suspected of recruiting 130 women from the Czech Republic. This case came to light when (February last year) a woman from the Czech Republic fled a house in Rotterdam and then reported to the police. The three recruiters are a 30-year old man from Nieuw-Vennep and a 41-year old man and a 49-old woman from Zelhem. Weekly some 4 to 6 women were put to work in hotels alongside Dutch speedways. The police suspect that the women were paid commission if they recruited other women. Read it all over here:

And I just got in some other news that also three Hungarian pimps have been caught who forced women from their home country to work in the window prostitution of Alkmaar. The women were forced to hand over thousands of euros per month. The women weren't supposed to get outside or to talk to strangers. The pimps decided how the women were supposed to look. They were supervised continuously. They also had to let know their pimps by SMS how much they earned per client. A 19 year old girl reported to the police. Read it here:

Just a coincidence, this is not a newssite anyway.

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