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Extra analyses

Some extra analyses of my count. This time I will analyze all prostitutes. So I will also analyze really old data. The total number of prostitutes counted was 5033.

I noticed that older prostitutes more often engage into unsafe or dangerous sex than the younger ones. I wanted to do some more precise analyses. Many prostitutes didn't say their age to clients, but a large majority of the reviewed prostitutes have an estimate mentioned in the review forms. These are in four year increments, such as 18-21, 22-25, 26-29 ...... 46-49 and then 50 or older. I calculated numbers for each age group (when no age group is filled in, I will use other sources), and then you can see a really clear trend.

Using the age groups is obviously not reliable, but the ages mentioned by prostitutes aren't reliable either, so it doesn't matter. And this way the samples become really large (you know the law about the big numbers).

First I will look at the average number of review forms filled in per prostitute categorized by age group. Not all clients fill in a review form, but it would be too time consuming to count all reviews. At the top of the review page there is a summary with all the information in the review forms, I used that summary, it would be crazy to go through each review-form.

Average number of reviews per prostitute of a total of 4734 prostitutes:
total: 3,552 review forms per prostitute (N=4734, not all had a review form)
18-21: 2,467 review forms per prostitute (N=735)
22-25: 3,088 review forms per prostitute (N=1326)
26-29: 4,174 review forms per prostitute (N=1028)
30-33: 3,989 review forms per prostitute (N=544)
34-37: 3,552 review forms per prostitute (N=446)
38-41: 3,912 review forms per prostitute (N=307)
42-45: 4,198 review forms per prostitute (N=192)
46-49: 5,875 review forms per prostitute (N=88)
50-..: 4,941 review forms per prostitute (N=68)

I will give these numbers because it could be that when prostitutes are reviewed more often, more unsafe sex is noticed (that turns out te be the case if you analyze that too). Notice also that older prostitutes don't seem to be less popular, the prostitutes 46 years or older seem to be the most popular. The youngest group of prostitutes seems to be the least popular. On the other hand, you also have to look at the periods during which the prostitutes have been observed by the clients. I will give another list which gives the average of the lengths of the period (in years) during which the women were observed, and also the average number of reviews divided by the average period:

18-22: during 0,412 years (5,984 reviews/year)
22-26: during 0,707 years (4,367 reviews/year)
26-30: during 1,170 years (3,569 reviews/year)
30-34: during 1,303 years (3,062 reviews/year)
34-38: during 1,269 years (2,798 reviews/year)
38-42: during 1,566 years (2,499 reviews/year)
42-46: during 1,755 years (2,393 reviews/year)
46-50: during 2,172 years (2,705 reviews/year)
50-..: during 2,080 years (2,375 reviews/year)

In that case you will notice that the younger prostitutes are indeed more popular. But comparing the age groups of 34 years and older with each other the differences are not that big.

Now unsafe sex. Notice that the older the prostitutes the more often they engage into this.

age 18-23 years (N=761):
23,784%: blowjob without condom
38,896%: kissing
45,729%: Cunnilingus
7,096%: anal with condom
0,131%: anal without condom
5,782%: rimming (buttlicking)
4,993%: facial
1,314%: coitus without condom

age 22-25 years (N=1348):
25,890%: blowjob without condom
40,282%: kissing
47,997%: Cunnilingus
7,641%: anal with condom
0,223%: anal without condom
6,899%: rimming (buttlicking)
6,602%: facial
1,484%: coitus without condom

age 26-29 years (N=1053):
23,457%: blowjob without condom
46,534%: kissing
54,036%: Cunnilingus
10,066%: anal with condom
0,950%: anal without condom
11,871%: rimming (buttlicking)
6,743%: facial
1,425%: coitus without condom

age 30-33 years (N=556):
29,137%: blowjob without condom
52,698%: kissing
56,835%: Cunnilingus
10,612%: anal with condom
1,439%: anal without condom
13,309%: rimming (buttlicking)
7,194%: facial
2,878%: coitus without condom

age 34-37 years (N=455):
35,385%: blowjob without condom
60,879%: kissing
57,363%: Cunnilingus
11,209%: anal with condom
1,758%: anal without condom
11,209%: rimming (buttlicking)
8,352%: facial
2,857%: coitus without condom

age 38-41 years (N=314):
44,904%: blowjob without condom
63,376%: kissing
68,153%: Cunnilingus
14,331%: anal with condom
1,274%: anal without condom
16,879%: rimming (buttlicking)
12,739%: facial
6,369%: coitus without condom

age 42-45 years (N=195):
52,821%: blowjob without condom
65,641%: kissing
67,179%: Cunnilingus
17,436%: anal with condom
4,615%: anal without condom
14,872%: rimming (buttlicking)
12,308%: facial
14,872%: coitus without condom

age 46-49 years (N=90):
56,667%: blowjob without condom
74,444%: kissing
73,333%: Cunnilingus
17,778%: anal with condom
6,667%: anal without condom
27,778%: rimming (buttlicking)
17,778%: facial
15,556%: coitus without condom

age 50 years or older (N=71)
71,831%: blowjob without condom
76,056%: kissing
66,197%: Cunnilingus
25,352%: anal with condom
5,634%: anal without condom
22,535%: rimming (buttlicking)
14,085%: facial
29,577%: coitus without condom


The next thing I will do is to give the grand total (N=5033):
29,386%: blowjob without condom
47,844%: kissing
52,951%: Cunnilingus
9,875%: anal with condom
1,053%: anal without condom
10,252%: rimming (buttlicking)
7,371%: facial
3,159%: coitus without condom

And, as a gimmick, I'll show only the result where prostitutes had only one review-form filled in. This way you could make a rough estimate of how often (percent of the visits) the prostitutes who perform unsafe sex actually do this. This is not totally reliable, because I also included the cases where prostitutes offered these kinds of sex, but where the clients didn't use this service (but this doesn't happen too often). And, of many others it simply is not known if they do it. But I will show the results of these calculations anyway, probably the estimates are too high.

22,276%: blowjob without condom (76% of the visits???)
37,127%: kissing (78% of the visits???)
39,938%: Cunnilingus (75% of the visits???)
5,141%: anal with condom (52% of the visits???)
0,220%: anal without condom (21% of the visits???)
4,174%: rimming (buttlicking) (41% of the visits???)
4,262%: facial (58% of the visits???)
1,054%: coitus without condom (33% of the visits???)

Funny thing is, that I previously didn't really notice that older prostitutes more often do unsafe sex. The statistics don't give a reason why, but I think it must be because older prostitutes have to offer other things to attract clients instead of their beauty. My earlier opinion was that if you want to avoid victims of forced prostitution you'd better visit older prostitutes, because they aren't very interesting to pimps. But this new data makes me wonder; perhaps that older prostitutes less often have problems with pimps, but get something else in its place instead. But perhaps they are just more open-minded.

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