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Escort prostitutes 2008

Now the escort prostitutes who I counted on This group is dominated by Dutch and Eastern European women.

Eastern European are often advertised on special escort websites like, and (but also other websites of course). All the prostitutes on the websites I mentioned seem to be from the Czech Republic (Prague) and Hungary (Budapest) (according to the websites themselves), but that seems to be very unlikely to me. A couple of clients noticed that some Hungarian prostitutes actually said to be from Russia, and one "Hungarian" girl advertised on this website is the Romanian pornstar Angelika Black. There is also overlap between these websites, prostitutes on one website sometimes also work on the others (perhaps the same organization?). The prostitutes seem to be working in hotel rooms which function as a sort of illegal brothels; because clients also see other prostitutes when they visit these rooms. That is a problem because I counted these women as escorts, but perhaps you could also see them as illegal brothel workers.

Dutch prostitutes are often advertised on websites like, and where prostitutes can advertise for themselves. However, behind these seemingly independent escorts many times an agency seems to be operating.

Actually, many escorts in general seem to be receiving their clients in hotels, also the Dutch prostitutes. I also noticed that some clients take the (Eastern European) escort prostitutes to swingers clubs.

I counted 694 escort prostitutes. To make the data more comparable I only analyzed the 306 escort prostitutes who were observed between the period November the 14th 2007 and November the 14th 2008.

The clients can fill in review forms where they can group the prostitutes into the following subgroups:
34,314%: Eastern European (of whom 49.524% a nationality is known)
40,523%: Dutch (100,000%)
7,843%: No Group (50,000%)
3,922%: different (66,667%)
3,595%: Southern European (45,455%)
2,614%: Surinamese (100%)
2,288%: Latina (42,857%)
1,961%: Thai (100%)
1,961%: "other Asian" (66,667%)
0,654%: German (100%)
0,327%: Chinese (100%)

Of 225 women a nationality is known of a total of 306 (and here again, in the percentages used I assumed that when no nationality is mentioned the group to which a prostitute belongs in the review form has the same characteristics as of those of whom a nationality is named):
130 (44,412%): The Netherlands
25 (16,478%): Czech Republic
15 (9,879%): Hungary
15 (9,775%): Romania
7 (2,288%): Thailand
7 (2,288%): Surinam
3 (2,185%): Brazil
3 (1,810%): Poland
3 (1,471%): Indonesia
2 (1,320%): Russia
2 (1,209%): Spain
2 (0,980%): Netherlands Antilles
1 (0,763%): Dominican Republic
1 (0,719%): Portugal
1 (0,660%): Bulgaria
1 (0,660%): Lituania
1 (0,654%): Morocco
2 (0,654%): Germany
1 (0,490%): Italy
1 (0,490%): Austria
1 (0,490%): Japan
1 (0,327%): "Hindustani"

Among the escorts I didn't often notice prostitutes naming different nationalities to clients. It happens three times:
(2x) Russia = Hungary (where I find Russia the most obvious country of origin, in these cases the prostitutes worked for
(1x) Romania = Hungary (this was also at, the Romanian pornstar Angelika Black works for this agency as a callgirl, location: Budapest, Hungary)

Also among the Dutch escort prostitutes I didn't notice many of foreign descent, only 7 (of 130)
2 Spain
1 Morocco
1 Indonesia
1 Surinam
1 "Hindustani"
1 Asia

Also among escort prostitutes, unsafe sex seems to be the standard.

Of 306 escort prostitutes:
54,575%: Blowjob without condom
74,837%: kissing
67,320%: Cunnilingus
16,993%: anal with condom
0,654%: anal without condom
12,745%: rimming (buttlicking)
20,261%: facial
2,288%: coitus without condom

Of 115 Eastern European escort prostitutes:
52,174%: blowjob without condom
81,739%: kissing
66,957%: Cunnilingus
13,043%: anal with condom
0,000%: anal without condom
11,304%: rimming (buttlicking)
26,087%: facial
0,000%: coitus without condom

Of 17 Latin American escort prostitutes:
58,824%: blowjob without condom
88,235%: kissing
94,118%: Cunnilingus
23,529%: anal with condom
0,000%: anal without condom
17,647%: rimming (buttlicking)
17,647%: facial
5,882%: coitus without condom

Of 130 Dutch escort prostitutes:
62,308%: blowjob without condom
76,154%: kissing
69,231%: Cunnilingus
21,538%: anal with condom
1,538%: anal without condom
15,385%: rimming (buttlicking)
16,923%: facial
4,615%: coitus without condom

Of 234 escort prostitutes younger than 30 (here the age estimates in the review forms are used):
53,846%: blowjob without condom
76,496%: kissing
68,803%: Cunnilingus
17,094%: anal with condom
0,427%: anal without condom
11,538%: rimming (buttlicking)
20,513%: facial
1,709%: coitus without condom

Of 61 escort prostitutes 30 years or older (here the age estimates in the review forms are used):
62,295%: blowjob without condom
77,049%: kissing
68,852%: Cunnilingus
19,672%: anal with condom
1,639%: anal without condom
19,672%: rimming (buttlicking)
22,951%: facial
4,918%: coitus without condom

The escort prostitutes seem to be the youngest of all groups of prostitutes.

Of 157 escort prostitutes who named an age:
average: 25,870 years (SD=6,399)
18-23: 44,586%
24-29: 33,121%
30-39: 18,471%
40 or older: 3,822%

Of 69 Eastern European prostitutes who named an age:
average: 22,820 years (SD=3,165)
18-23: 57,971%
24-29: 39,130%
30-39: 2,899%:
40 or older: 0,000%

Of 8 Latin Amercian prostitutes who named an age:
average: 26,392 years (SD=4,682)
18-23: 25,000%
24-29: 62,500%
30-39: 12,500%
40 or older: 0,000%

Of 69 Dutch prostitutes who named an age:
average: 28,792 years (SD=7,596)
18-23: 33,333%
24-29: 24,638%
30-39: 33,333%
40 or older: 8,696%

The escort prostitutes are more or less as expensive per minute as the window and club workers; around 2 euro per minute. Also among these women you see the phenomenon (as observed among the home workers) that the prostitutes who are reviewed only once are more expensive; that is 2,3 euro per minute. You don't see this among the window and club workers.

The clients stay with the prostitutes for around 85 minutes on average and pay 175 euro on average.

The Eastern European escort prostitutes are more expensive on average, 2,5 euro per minute. The Dutch escorts are cheaper, around 2 euro per minute.


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