Thursday, December 04, 2008


From the Dutch newspaper Metro ('Ik deed het alleen voor ons...' [I only did it for us...'], by Milou van der Will, December 3th 2008):

Mo took Melissa and within a day they rented a window on De Wallen. She got a pile of condoms, no lubricants and was put behind the window. When the first client knocked on the door Mo was on the opposite side [of the street] with a knife. If it would only enter her mind... "That first time I only cried, the bizarre thing is that many clients seem to get a kick out of that. Mo was very happy afterwards, he was proud of me and cuddled me. After every customer he collected the money."

By the way, I am busy with another count among prostitutes using a client review website. It seems that actually the number of (window) prostitutes from the Balkans has spectacularly increased during the last three years! (or maybe during the last 2 since the borders have been opened for Bulgaria and Romania) My guess is that most window prostitutes nowadays are Eastern European compared to some 20% three years ago. I think more than a quarter are from the Balkans. The number of Dutch window prostitutes has decreased.

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