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Selected quotes

While I was counting nationalities and ages on you sometimes notice other things when you work your way through the reviews. What follows are some selected quotes. Perhaps some people will find them interesting. And beware that the location are not always right; prostitutes often relocate. Concerning forced prostitutes, I find it striking that clients notice much more fishy things happening in window prostitution compared to clubs. And.... the comments are translated into English. Often observations made ae made years ago but these prostitutes still worked during the last year.
The Hague, Doubletstraat 42p k5, Martha
(Latin American woman, 42-45 years old)
September 15th 2008, 16:20All those Eastern European girls, they are so beautiful, but you are, before you know it, already outside. The number of Latina’s is decreasing in the Doubie, and nevertheless those were the girls, especially for the older walkers, like me, who didn’t look on the watch.
Amsterdam, Wallen, Dollebegijnensteeg 3-2, Emma
(Greek/Italian girl, 24 years old)
October 27th, 7:20The lady didn’t cooperate at all, didn’t want to be touched and during the blowjob there hardly was any pressure from her tongue and lips that could be felt. Obviously didn’t reach a climax.

So a total letdown, while I suspect that she is forced behind the window.

Still I want to know more of this.

October 27th 2005, 20:56She indeed is sweet and shy, say gentle. And very pretty. I therefore have fucked her deliciously. She really felt lovely. I believe she simply came, because she squeezed ‘him’ considerably, but nobody believes that anyway. The blowjob was reasonable. Enfin, in my opinion it wasn’t such a bad experience. Certainly not a turnoff.


Why put in a review that you have the suspicions that she is forced. You never know that obviously, so then you must not write this down. Even when you suspect it, because you can write this about all ladies on de Wallen. I don’t want to make a discussion from this.

January 11th 2006, 23:09Co-walkers, this woman must be avoided. In de kooi, in a secluded alley, she can merrily play her tricks. Obviously she couldn’t do that when she was opposite St Annedwars 26. See my earlier posts on this address.

The girl must be categorized with fat letters under TMM [‘Te Mijden Meid’, a girl that should be avoided]. She can be identified by her heavy bruise/birth mark on her right thigh. I couldn’t escape the impression that she does this work against her will and that she has troubles with it.

March 29th 2006, 22:21Certainly no Emma for me anymore, also her Italo boyfriend phoned her during the session, also not very beneficial for the atmosphere.
Wallen, Trompettersteeg 5-6, Gloria
(from the Czech Republic, Albania or Serbia, 26-29 years old)
March 11th, 2005 21:39Hmmm…… also had a true TMM-experience again. I had a horny liking into something ‘vulgar’. I already walked by Gloria’s window very often where she always greeted me warmly. So today I went inside… the plastic E-size


Super stereotypical experience. After entering her room her pimp/loverboy/but absolutely not her dad came rushing along to check if everything was OK. Indeed: it was a second generation fellow countrymen so to speak [Turkish or Moroccan].


The Russian [type of sex where the guy satisfies himself between the breasts of the woman] had as only ‘merits’ that I saw that the aforementioned fellow countrymen probably was named Saimir (tattoo). Blowjob: mechanical, she did do her best, but if you switch the sense button to zero in this profession the client should notice, or not????. Wham, the little mouth on it and go for it, so it wasn’t….

October 21th 2007, 12:10No experience with this girl, but she is simply not my type. Had to laugh out loud about her yesterday when I walked by and heard a part of a conversation with a tough young man who opposite to her in the alley leaned on a wall very relaxed.

[In English]
Guy (M): “Where are you from? Costa Rica?”
Gloria (G): “Who cares where I’m from! Come in and fuck me!”
M: “I’ll come in if you tell me where you area from…”
G: “What! You wanna fuck me or my country?!”

August 3th, 2008, 3:13Saw something awful this evening at Gloria. Beforehand I want to emphasize that I don’t know what exactly took place inside, but in my eyes there was something very fishy about what I saw.

I walked on the much too overtrafficked St. Annendwars when suddenly an alarm went off. Now, that happens a lot more often so I simply walked on and passed the Trompetter. After ten meters I suddenly heard a lot of noise behind me and turned around. I see like fifty people crowding together around the entrance of the Trompetter. I walk back to take a look (nothing voyeuristic is strange to me). I look over the crowd and see a number of prostitutes standing at the door of Gloria. The door was open and I hear a lot of noise. Then I see a glimpse of a bald head. Then I heard a number of hard blows and pounds. Then a man (app. 60 years old) is thrown out the door by the bald guy completely naked. The man stands up from the ground and clearly has injuries in his face and has a bloody nose. The bald guy immediately ran off (so brave are these fucking pimps aren’t they) like a thief in the night.

The man stands there with his hands before his crotch shaming himself immensely, while multiple tourists are loudly laughing and shouting and making pictures. After half a minute the door opens again and his clothes are thrown outside. I couldn’t bear to watch it any longer, but I couldn’t reach the guy through the crowd. I would have willingly put something around him to cover him, my coat or something. I just walked away. Those are a pair of eyes less which are watching him.

Again, I don’t know what happened inside, but one thing I do know: when everything became a little calmer again, I walked passed the window again and she stood there extremely aggressively swearing at tourists and making kicking movements. I have a very bad feeling about this lady and she willingly and knowingly brought in this bald guy. I’m convinced of that. Dangerous lady in my opinion, with even more unpleasant little friend.
Wallen, Goldbergersteeg 4, Vicky
(from Hungary, Bulgaria or Finland, 33 years old)
November 10th 2003, 14:52This Vicky is not Hungarian but comes from Bulgaria…. I took her home a couple of times after I started to have a conversation with her in a coffeeshop…. Then she told me she had a row with her (paranoia) friend and would go to Spain the next day…..
Wallen, Molensteeg 4 left, Yvette
(Hungary, 18 years old)
June 29th 2008, 20:01A girl who works during the daytime and during the night, like many girls in the Molenstseeg .. I didn’t know it was allowed working 16 hours per day behind a window, phoning with your pimp every minute. Does it matter then how Yvette does it.. Yes when you have paid but the reason that she only sees an asshole with money so that she stands there day and night.
But yes if it interests anybody I wonder.

June 29th 2008, 21:28Also I have my doubts if this is all well, with this girl, only 18 years old.
She clearly looks worn-out, deeply in the sockets lying, dull eyes and actually too skinny…

July 3th 2008, 15:58When I came in she seemed to note down something. She notes down the next client I then thought. She made as short phone call. I gave her the money and undressed. Indeed blowing she did but kept her bra on. While I wanted to take it off she wanted to do it herself. Likewise it went with the panties. She seemed to do as little as possible. Then she lied down and looked at me with an expression which I could only interpret as painful. She did nothing herself and that gave me an uncomfortable feeling. She also looked as if it was something bad what I wanted to do, very unpleasant but I know it also can happen differently.
Obviously the lust to continue withered away. She put out her tongue at me. I asked if she was forced to do this. No answer and she suddenly spoke insufficient English.
I said to her in English that in my opinion she was in the wrong business and dressed myself up again. While I was dressing up there was some busy telephoning. While I was walking to outside there was some vehement spraying with a spray can as if I carried some nasty diseases with me.
I have the strong suspicion that she is probably forced to do this but plays along with the game and makes the best of it because obviously there are again and again new victims that can be scored among tourist and such.
A nasty experience for me but also for the lady in question I find this not good.
Wallen, Molensteeg 11 right, Lili
(Hungary, 22-25 years old)
November 20th 2008, 00:47A minus is that after coming she immediately stopped. Communication is limitedly possible, she speaks English badly. Like many young Eastern European girls she doesn’t really seem to experience enjoyment from this work, but luckily she was very friendly.
Wallen, Molensteeg 14, Annet
(Eastern European, 18-21 years old)
November 19th, 2008, 16:13She put off her panties when I was completely ready for it and [she] first went to make a phone call (I strongly got the impression that she had to let know that she had a client). During the visit it was also clear that she kept track of time.
Wallen, Molensteeg 2-3, Maria
(Hungary, 20 years old)
September 11th 2007, 23:36She was more talkative this time. She almost begged me to do it slower. That’s what I did, but it wasn’t really pleasant. I called it a day very quickly. After this, we have cuddled and talked for 45 minutes. She works already since she was 15 in Hungary and she’s here only since a couple of months. Really moving and unfortunate.
I really like her and she just doesn’t belong here. (…)
Wallen, Molensteeg 4 left, Erica
(Hongarije, 22-25 years old)
August 21th 2008, 15:38As soon as the clothes went off she immediately started to make a phone call…? And also when the clothes went on…? Pimp I think...?

What happened in the meantime was hardly worth to mention except that it cost me 100 euros… I did came by the way but if it was up to her it wouldn’t have.

Clearly a TMM although I suspect that she is pushed in this position.

August 22th 2008, 15:17That she is pimped is also my suspicion, because when at any time you come in de Molensteeg, she always stands there.
Wallen, Molensteeg 4 links, Samantha
(Dutch, 22-25 years old)
December 23th 2007, 23:21Most of the time I find de Molensteeg not such a pleasant street (too many bragging Brits, fellow countrymen who spit on the street and/or whiggers, and sad Eastern European girls), but I found that the well-rounded Samantha looked sympathetic.
Wallen, Oudekennissteeg 2 links, Agaatha
(Belgium, 26-29 years old)
September 15th 2008, 19:05I hadn’t visited Agaatha for a very long time, I wasn’t really informed about her eventual holiday plans…
During my last visit I did notice that Agaatha had several bruises on her arm. I have never had any suspicions in a certain direction, with this lady…

Who knows more?

September 18th 2008, 00:36Saw her last week on de Oudezijds Achterburgwal 68 sous and this evening in the Oudekennissteeg 8, well those bruises who shall say, always seemed a very independent woman to me, but yes, if you should believe all those reports in the press you never know nowadays…..

November 13th 2008, 16:51Today I also got to know her. A lovely girl, and a real chatterbox….. and indeed still the bruises although she told that she worked entirely independently.

November 13th 2008, 21:30Don’t worry about her bruises, is caused by something else casu quo lesser experience. She works 100% for herself.

Also I initially didn’t have the suspicion that she works forced… However, those bruises that I spotted last summer in any case… doesn’t seem to be an incidental little accident…
Wallen, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 51-1, Angela/Iva03
(Romanian or Italian, 24 years old)
May 29th 2008, 00:35And while I deliciously started she immediately said “you want ass?” Yes, also a bit fun and new for me, but while I was busy, she suddenly turned around to take her mobile phone, where she almost twisted my willie off, she simply starts to read the SMS she just received while I look around baffled what’s happening now.
Again “you want ass?” I thought I was already busy doing that, bitch…
Oh yes, and then made an end to it.
She coolly says afterwards “ass is 300 euro… .” What? I don’t understand, okay 200.
She blocks me the exit, I give her 50 euros extra to get out, she says, would you believe it: I call the police. Yes okay I said. She pushes two numbers, [the phone] gets a conversation tone or something, I wait but nothing happens, after 3 or 4 minutes she says okay, no problem, no problem, bye bye.
And I actually am allowed to go outside.
Draw your conclusion but stay away there.

July 12th 19:41While I stepped in she immediately asked for money okay so gave 50 and undressed but she kept her clothes on, except her panties she took off, well okay let it be, but once on the bed she started giving a blowjob badly, 5 seconds or so, then she said do you want anal, yes no problem if she proposes it herself, but when we had done that she suddenly said with a coarse voice I want 200 euro more you have taken me anally, I said in English that she should have told that?? Then she became angry we stopped and she said I want 200 euro?? I had no money with me anymore, at least, no 200 euro, she also asked me for my credit card, well I didn’t have that either at all, so I quickly got dressed, while she grabbed the telephone I quickly left, I was really pissed and felt deceived, while suddenly near the St Annastraat some pimp or another grabbed me by the collar, he said with an Italian accent you have fucked my wife, I want 200 euro within 2 minutes, I said I have no money with me anymore, he said give everything you got so I gave him 30 euro that was all I had. Then he was gone.

Watch out for this lady, unfortunately I don’t know her name but she looks sweet but once inside you are in complete trouble with her, she is a big imposter.

July 12th 2008, 20:39This swindler today stood on the Goldbergersteeg 8 again, and by the way, she also has some sort of pimp or whatever who keeps an eye on all her clients.

July 21th 2008, 13:43Pimp is no threat, he’s an old dick who tries to scare you, where I don’t give a shit about.

July 26th 2008, 12:23When I once more tried to make it clear to her that we agreed upon 100 euro and that she should have indicated it was too little from the start (like advance payment should occur) she began standing in front of the door like a spider and started to make a phone call with her mobile phone that there were (problems).
Now I don’t become frightened very quickly but I obviously don’t know what’s ahead of me after that phone call, by the same token 5 men and then it becomes nagging and by the way I don’t feel like spending a while at the police station.
So I hard-handedly removed the lady from the door and I made the best of a bad job.
Wallen, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 72 middle, Sylvana
(Italy, 23)
January 4th 2008, 11:32Most of the time I’m very wary of this but she was so convincing that I nevertheless decided to go inside. She told that she came from Italy and that she was from the mafia. I then said that therefore one has to watch out for her and that she acknowledged.
Wallen, Oudekennissteeg 2 left, Bonny
(Netherlands, 20 years)
May 7th 2006, 13:07In her room there’s a nasty little staircase (step) where you could easily make a wrong step. Perhaps it did happen to her once? From where else comes that vague bruise on her right eye socket…
Furthermore, before we started, she had to sms a little message.
I don’t want to insinuate anything, I do only observe. I hope that it is a clear story.

December 16th 2007, 12:46And that smsing also I asked if that was supposed to be a part of it, she answered with a story like “yes I have two little guys who collect money (pimps) so I have to keep them informed then one then the other so that they don’t know anything about each other you understand me” I didn’t understand anything about it and paid after that, and she brought me to the door and there I saw a very tall dark man with moustache who spoke to her and took money and he allowed her to go to her place with the next customer..
In my opinion she could better do her best with only smiling.
Wallen, Trompetterstraat 3-3, Rachel
(Netherlands, 22 years old)
March 26th 2007, 9:10There also was some bloke from the Eastern bloc in front of her door (a regular customer she said) so I decided to walk through the city centre for a little while.
Alkmaar, 2p, p4, Hainaka
(Hungary, 18-21 years old)
July 14th, 19:19The most “beautiful” part came when afterwards, after we were already dressed up and just as I was about to leave her room, she began to whine about 10 euro extra because I stayed longer than 15 minutes (according to her I went 5 minutes over the time) inside! I acted as if I was a little bit stupid, and then she went to phone her Hungarian boyfriend/pimp to ask how she could make it clear to me in English that I should pay 10 euro extra. That asshole of a guy screamed through the telephone: “10 plus, 10 plus” Then she penetratingly repeated this towards me. She simply insisted on it that I should pay her 10 euro extra.


To be short, this “lady of pleasure” is acting extremely stupid and won’t carry on for very long. I actually hope that this not so sincere lady has already left. This way there really won’t be a client who will return to here! Hopefully this surely is a warning in advance for all walkers!
Alkmaar, 3p k25, Kitty
(Romania, 18-21)
October 17th 2008, 17:32In the border area of Romania and Hungary live at a lot of Hungarians. They have a Romanian passport but see themselves as Hungarian, that’s also what they speak. In the border area place-name signs are bilingual: Romanian and Hungarian. This area is a rich source of ladies for our street, I know several who come from there. Where Kitty comes from I don’t know.
Alkmaar, 3p, k8, Boriana
(Bulgaria, 20 years)
September 20th 2008, 14:03What happened then was really a bloody shame. I didn’t have my pants, socks and shoes yet on and she pulled open the curtains. Then it really became troubling…. After I made it clear to her that I wasn’t happy about this and wanted to close the curtains. Then the lady pulled the door open and started to scream, after which her Bulgarian pimp began to address me. I shouldn’t expect to be inside for two hours, while I was inside for ten minutes at most.

Alkmaar, A, Z1, Anita
(Hungary, 20 years old)
February 29th 2008, 10:26But Tuesday there was another lady in her room, judged from her last conversation she went back home and comes back in about 2 months.
You would never know but a number of times she has been approached aggressively and even beaten up by pimps.
Alkmaar, A13, k2
(Hungary, 30-33 years old)
February 22th 2008, 23:13In any case she works voluntarily.

February 23th 2008, 12:35I’m happy about that because a couple of times that I was with here I had the impression that this was not the case. Especially because it seems that with every new client she must phone her boyfriend/pimp (?). But perhaps that [the other client] has experienced this too and understood was she said?

Unfortunate that the sex was not great but as for the rest this girl is not that bad. She is actually quite friendly but you have to treat her a little bit with velvet gloves.
Utrecht, Zandpad 116-5, Vanessa
(Dominican Republic)
May 1sth 2002, 00:23I went in there with the agreement of 200 bucks for half an hour with blowing, fucking and licking. When I came in the phone went immediately. Her mother! I went to wash myself for a while and came back. She said her mom goodbye and put her phone away which immediately went again. I was supposed to lie on bed for awhile and make myself ‘hard’. Her boyfriend/pimp was on the line and he was screaming like hell, that’s why I could hear her name. And in the meantime she was making gestures that she didn’t understand and giving meaningless answers. After a period of this nagging the line was broken. I asked if the phone could go out or on ‘silent’. That wasn’t possible because the phone credit of her boyfriend was used up anyway.


And then that *#@!& telephone went again. Again that asshole of a boyfriend/pimp. So she steps into the shower (I was dressing myself long before in the meantime out of annoyance) and while she's sobbing she begins a conversation again with that bigmouth. She first did take the wallet with her and then unlocks the door so that you can go. I kept standing there and she gestured multiple times to leave.
Utrecht, Zandpad 118-4, Hai Fa
(Thailand, 26-29 years old)
June 23th 2007, 10:46Also this girl is really a hit, I already knew her from The Hague, I got her number then, we were to do an escort, then suddenly there was a call from her boyfriend (pimp) and we have never seen her again in The Hague !!!!!!
1p, g2 k2, Angela
(Hungary, 21 years old)
March 9th 2007, 02:44She told me that she was somewhat tired. It couldn’t be caused by the number of clients that day: I was only the third after yet 4-5 hours of being present. But just as with most of the ladies she makes far too long days, each day of the week. Asked about why the fairly logical answer was that if she doesn’t work she doesn’t earn money. Those long days are also often mentioned as an example how the ladies are exploited. But also completely without compulsion most of the women do want their highly paid day shifts rent to be maximally utilized.

July 13th 2007, 03:21I fucked her fairly firmly, at least quickly – not very different than at other times I believe. Suddenly it was like: stop it. She couldn’t stand the hard pounding she said, sometimes she does, and she also didn’t like too softly, but this was much too hard. I immediately felt like a caddish barbarian. I then continued on as carefully as possible, but especially by her outbursts and the earlier feeling that it didn’t happen all too quickly for her, the fun was over for me. I said to her that I would finish it by hand, masturbated for quite a while, where she began too lie in a seductive pose for a while. I ignored it however and looked somewhat at the side towards the TV.
After 2 minutes I said this is not going to work, and I started to wash myself.
With a totally not understanding Angela; if I didn’t want to fuck her for a while, why etc tc.

Apologies, but these days everybody fucked hard she said. Later she said she had some pain (I said she should have told me beforehand), the day before somebody with a big one… had fucked her really hard. I explained to her that I wasn’t concerned with that she would indicate what she does or does not like today. But that I didn’t have the feeling that she was angry and impatient from the beginning and that her responses made her insecure (after all, nothing was right). And that I knew that I wouldn’t come anyway or it would take too long. She really took the effort to talk it out with me, ten “I’m sorry” ‘s, and that she was tired, that it was way too late for her, that I could better come in the afternoon. She apparently didn’t want to lose a client.
Deventer, Bokkinghang 20 t/m 24, Xenia
(Germany/Italy, 22-25 years old)
May 15th 2007, 01:04Behind the third window of the new segment stood a long and blond lady. Inside it turned out to be Xenia, half German, half Italian. Speaks good Dutch with a light accent. She has worked in German FKK’s, but she didn’t found it hygienic, because of kissing, eating pussy and fingering you only get infections.
She talks very nicely, but when you hear this you start to think “Why does it go wrong with all German ladies”.

June 21th 2007, 22:58I haven’t been here for precisely a year. I was tired of Deventer, not up to much and always a big question if the women, mostly foreign, are there voluntarily.
That I am a so-called walker I don’t find that bad, but I do want the lady to stand behind her choice of profession. And I believe that in Deventer there are mostly ladies who would rather have another job but who don’t have that choice in their own hand!!!! AND I DON’T WANT TO MAINTAIN THAT!

But well, I had the intention: I want to have sex this evening, with a delicious girl!
So I stepped into the car again and went to Deventer.
What I saw there surprised me! Almost every window was womanned and what was sitting there almost always looked good. With a number of them I did have the strong impression the their age was far below 20 and therefore ARE NOT THERE VOLUNTARILY!!!
Club Sneeuwwitje, Rijksweg 32, Herten, Linda
(Eastern European)
April 20th 2008, 02:24She had to sniff her nose all the time. I thought o mucus! So I asked do you have a cold. No she said it’s because of those damn drugs. Sad I thought. But it turns out to be normal there. And then it all came loose. That dirty old gray man (owner) with his Polish **** as I would call it in this case. He is only after 1 thing and that is money, money and even more money. The girls who work there work illegally, they have no sofie number or nothing. And also they are induced to use drugs. Of the 185 euro that I had to pay for, for one hour, she only got 80 euro!!! I said that doesn’t make sense at all. I don’t understand that x still walks around there. She is worth more. Only very unfortunate that it is those drugs again that ruins it for such a beautiful girl. I told her that she must go searching for another club then. Because this is going nowhere. Those girls simply don’t go because they don’t dare to I believe. They were being barked at everyday. By that guy. Even where I was standing!!! In my opinion this is intolerable. And hope that one day they raid this place and lock this guy up. But okay, that won’t happen I think. UNFORTUNATELY. And I hope that the girls can start working somewhere else or something. This is really a place to forget. They won’t see me here again.
Roermond, Heinsbergerweg 230, Club Yin Yang, Ascha
(Eastern European, 18-21 years old)
December 15th 2008, 11:44I first licked her deliciously until she got a true orgasm, and that was really not fake. I still had my boxershort on, but yes, the little bear almost jumped out. First some heavy French kissing and in the meantime she was jerking me off a bit. After this, a little blowing without condom and rather deep every now and then until the point of gagging. A horny sight at that moment. I indicated that I was about to come and wanted to take it out of her mouth but that wasn’t going to happen. She continued to blow me with deep thrusts, then she said that I should jerk off and come in her mouth and onto her face. This was real porn…..

Monday, December 22, 2008

Club prostitutes 2005

I counted 1343 club prostitutes in 2005, of whom 1132 a nationality was mentioned. Also here I have to add that I didn't record the dates of observation, so also observations from 2002 to 2004 are included.

Groups (I didn't record the group under which the prostitutes were categorized by The groups "Northern Africa", "Western countries" and "Middle East" are not used by
11,243%: Eastern Europe (of 64,238% of the women a nationality was named)
4,319%: No Group (0%)
1,862%: Africa (32,000%)
2,085%: North Africa (100%)
49,442%: Netherlands (100%)
6,701%: Western countries (100%)
3,127%: Southern Europe (47,619%)
8,563%: Asia (84,348%)
0,670%: Middle East (100%)
11,988%: Latin America (73,292%)

The nationalities mentioned (I also mention percentages in which I assume that prostitutes of whom only the group was mentioned have the same characteristics as the other prostitutes in that group)
664 (51,673%): The Netherlands
66 (6,089%): Thailand
48 (5,815%): Poland
53 (5,628%): Surinam
61 (4,747%): Germany
32 (3,398%): Brazil
16 (1,938%): Russia
24 (1,868%): Morocco
23 (1,790%): Belgium
19 (1,753%): Indonesia
15 (1,593%): Dominican Republic
9 (1,471%): Spain
6 (0,981%): Greece
7 (0,848%): Lithuania
6 (0,637%): Colombia
8 (0,623%): Turkey
5 (0,606%): Bulgaria
5 (0,531%): Venezuela
3 (0,490%): Portugal
2 (0,486%): Liberia
2 (0,486%): Ghana
4 (0,485%): Czech Republic
4 (0,485%): Hungary
4 (0,485%): Yugoslavia
5 (0,461%): China
3 (0,363%): Romania
3 (0,363%): Ukraine
2 (0,327%): Italy
3 (0,319%): Netherlands Antilles
3 (0,277%): India
1 (0,243%): South Africa
1 (0,243%): Nigeria
1 (0,243%): Cape Verde
1 (0,243%): Angola
2 (0,242%): Slovakia
3 (0,233%): France
2 (0,185%): Philippines
2 (0,156%): Tunesia
2 (0,156%): Egypt
1 (0,121%): Latvia
1 (0,106%): Jamaica
1 (0,106%): Mexico
1 (0,106%): Cuba
1 (0,106%): Argentina
1 (0,092%): Pakistan
1 (0,092%): South Korea
1 (0,078%): Denmark
1 (0,078%): Finland
1 (0,078%): Wales
1 (0,078%): Syria

The ages (mentioned by prostitutes and guesses by clients [but not including estimates mentioned in the review forms])
248 club prostitutes
average: 27,494 (SD=6,890)
younger than 18:0,403% (?, at least, that's what a client thought)
18-23: 31,048%
24-29: 36,694%
30-39: 24,597%
40 years or older: 7,258%

27 Eastern European prostitutes
average: 27,500 (SD=6,021)
18-23: 22,222%
24-29: 48,148%
30-39: 22,222%
40 years or older: 7,407%

35 Latin American prostitutes
average: 26,554 (SD=5,931)
18-23: 37,143%
24-29: 34,286%
30-39: 25,714%
40 years or older: 2,857%

106 Dutch prostitutes
average: 27,637 (SD=7,489)
younger than 18: 0,943% (?, you know I included estimates)
18-23: 31,132%
24-29: 36,792%
30-39: 21,698%
40 years or older: 9,434%

Back to 2008 to have some comparison material (also age mentioned by prostitutes and guesses by clients [but not including estimates derived from review forms]):
309 club prostitutes (2008)
average: 29,210 (SD=7,957)
18-23: 28,803%
24-29: 32,039%
30-39: 26,861%
40 years or older: 12,298%

71 Eastern European prostitutes (2008)
average: 26,476 (SD=6,420)
18-23: 36,620%
24-29: 39,437%
30-39: 18,310%
40 years or older: 5,634%

37 Latin American prostitutes (2008)
average: 29,917 (SD=7,860)
18-23: 21,622%
24-29: 32,432%
30-39: 32,432%
40 years or older: 13,514%

117 Dutch prostitutes (2008)
average: 29,436 (8,040)
18-23: 34,188%
24-29: 22,222%
30-39: 32,479%
40 years or older: 11,111%

Window Prostitutes 2005

Here I give some numbers from the past (2005) to make some comparisons with now (2008). Unfortunately I counted differently at that time. I didn't record the times of observations, so also some observations from 2002 through 2004 were counted.

I counted 1481 window prostitutes in 2005. Of 1039 window prostitutes the nationalities were mentioned. Unfortunately I didn't often record the group under which the prostitutes were categorized by, except where no nationality was mentioned.

The groups "Northern Africa", "Western countries" and "Middle East" are not used by

23,228%: Eastern Europe (of 51,744% a nationality was mentioned)
3,309%: No group (0%)
3,106%: Africa (47,826%)
1,350%: Northern Africa (100%)
22,957%: The Netherlands (100%)
6,955%: Western countries (100%)
8,103%: Southern Europe (69,167%)
5,807%: Asia (86,047%)
0,473%: Middle East (100%)
24,713%: Latin America (57,923%)

The nationalities mentioned (I also mention percentages in which I assume that prostitutes of whom only the group was mentioned have the same characteristics as the other prostitutes in that group)
340 (23,743%): The Netherlands
56 (6,751%): Dominican Republic
42 (5,668%): Poland
39 (5,263%): Czech Republic
64 (4,469%): Germany
53 (4,301%): Thailand
34 (4,099%): Colombia
40 (4,039%): Spain
32 (3,858%): Brazil
31 (3,737%): Surinam
19 (2,564%): Russia
21 (2,532%): Venezuela
18 (2,429%): Bulgaria
17 (2,294%): Hungary
20 (2,019%): Italy
20 (2,019%): Greece
10 (1,460%): Ghana
10 (1,350%): Ukraine
15 (1,217%): Indonesia
10 (1,206%): Netherlands Antilles
16 (1,117%): Belgium
8 (1,080%): Lithuania
15 (1,047%): Morocco
6 (0,876%): Nigeria
6 (0,810%): Slovakia
6 (0,810%): Yugoslavia
10 (0,698%): France
5 (0,603%): Jamaica
5 (0,603%): Cuba
4 (0,540%): Romania
4 (0,482%): Ecuador
3 (0,405%): Albania
3 (0,362%): Puerto Rico
3 (0,362%): Mexico
3 (0,362%): Costa Rica
3 (0,362%): Argentina
5 (0,349%): Turkey
4 (0,325%): Philippines
3 (0,303%): Portugal
2 (0,292%): South Africa
2 (0,270%): Latvia
2 (0,270%): Estonia
3 (0,209%): Tunesia
3 (0,209%): Austria
2 (0,162%): China
1 (0,146%): Gambia
1 (0,146%): Cameroon
1 (0,146%): Sierra Leone
1 (0,146%): Mauretania
2 (0,140%): Denmark
2 (0,140%): England
1 (0,135%): Chechnya
1 (0,135%): Armenia
1 (0,121%): Peru
1 (0,121%): Panama
1 (0,070%): Egypt
1 (0,070%): Algeria
1 (0,070%): Finland
1 (0,070%): Sweden
1 (0,070%): Scotland
1 (0,070%): Ireland
1 (0,070%): Iceland
1 (0,070%): Switzerland
1 (0,070%): Iraq
1 (0,070%): Palestine

Unfortunately I didn't count ethnicities among Dutch prostitutes, so, Dutch Moroccan prostitutes were simply "Moroccan". And I didn't record the fact that prostitutes often mention different nationalities to different clients, I often assumed the last mentioned was the right one (I simply thought the clients were mistaken). It took many months for me to realize that prostitutes could actually lie; that Italian and Greece prostitutes are not probably not Italian or Greece but probably Bulgarian or Albanian.

Unfortunately I also didn't look at the sexual activities done by prostitutes and clients.

Or the money paid to the prostitutes, or times spent with them.

But I did record ages, unfortunately, not differentiating between estimates by clients and ages mentioned by prostitutes. But I will make a "flashback" to 2008 and include the estimates of that year too, which will make the data comparable (but I don't use the estimates in the review forms).

ages mentioned and guessed ages of 309 prostitutes:
average: 27,286 (SD=6,833)
18-23: 34,951%
24-29: 36,570%
30-39: 21,036%
40 years or older: 7,443%

ages mentioned and guessed ages of 75 Eastern European prostitutes:
average: 25,600 (SD=4,471)
18-23: 32,000%
24-29: 48,000%
30-39: 20,000%
40 years or older: 0%

ages mentioned and guessed ages of 62 Latin American prostitutes:
average: 30,169 (SD=7,697)
18-23: 22,581%
24-29: 30,645%
30-39: 30,645%
40 years or older: 16,129%

ages mentioned and guessed ages of 78 Dutch prostitutes:
average: 26,532 (SD=7,655)
18-23: 47,436%
24-29: 30,769%
30-39: 14,103%
40 years or older:7,692%

Back to 2008:
ages mentioned and guessed ages of 840 prostitutes (in 2008):
average: 27,215 (SD=6,987)
18-23: 40,833%
24-29: 32,262%
30-39: 19,762%
40 years or older:7,143%

ages mentioned and guessed ages of 446 Eastern European prostitutes (in 2008):
average: 24,866 (SD=5,049)
18-23: 53,363%
24-29: 32,063%
30-39: 13,004%
40 years or older:1,570%

ages mentioned and guessed ages of 138 Latin American prostitutes (in 2008):
average: 33,578 (SD=7,709)
18-23: 5,072%
24-29: 34,058%
30-39: 38,406%
40 years or older: 22,464%

ages mentioned and guessed ages of 141 Dutch prostitutes (in 2008):
average: 26,349 (SD=7,002)
18-23: 53,191%
24-29: 24,113%
30-39: 16,312%
40 years or older: 6,383%

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Club prostitutes 2008

I finally finished my club count.

I counted 1109 prostitutes in clubs and privéhuizen, far less than described in window prostitution. I want to keep the data comparable to window prostitution so I left out prostitutes which were observed outside the period between November the 14th 2007 and November the 14th 2008. This way I'm left with 891 prostitutes.

In this count it was clear that the prostitutes reviewed in Limburg and Noord Brabant were far overrepresented compared to other areas. Especially the saunaclubs in Limburg are well described. The charactaristics of the prostitutes in the rest of the Netherlands are very consistent, but in Limburg there are many "German" and Eastern European prostitutes. In Noord Brabant on the other hand the Dutch women dominate. So you must take that into account. It is also true that in sauna clubs the women far more often give blowjobs without a condom. divides the prostitutes in groups. The prostitutes are grouped as follows. I also give the percentage of the prostitutes in that group of whom a country of origin was named.

20,539% Eastern Europe (of 80,874% women a country of origin was named)
3,255% No Group (37,931%)
2,806% Africa (72,000%)
36,700% The Netherlands (100%)
7,071% Germany (100%)
2,132% Belgium (100%)
2,918% Southern Europe (84,615%)
4,938% Thailand (100%)
0,337% China (100%)
9,203% Latin America (64,634%)
3,479% Surinam (100%)
3,367% different (73,333%)
3,255% other Asian (79.310%)

The following countries of origin are named (of 784 prostitutes). I also mention a percentage in which I assume that all the other prostitutes in a certain group of whom NO country of origin is named have the same characteristics as the group who do have a country of origin named.

341 (39,190%): The Netherlands
51 (7,278%): Poland
62 (7,012%): Germany
44 (4,938%): Thailand
31 (4,345%): Hungary
24 (4,024%): Brazil
21 (2,418%): Surinam
19 (2,153%): Belgium
15 (2,075%): Romania
11 (1,875%): Colombia
13 (1,872%): Indonesia
11 (1,841%): Bulgaria
11 (1,828%): Dominican Republic
12 (1,680%): Slovakia
12 (1,639%): Russia
8 (1,335%): Morocco
9 (1,249%): Czech Republic
8 (1,050%): Italy
6 (0,833%): Latvia
7 (0,815%): "Hindustani"
5 (0,707%): Netherlands Antilles
4 (0,624%): Ghana
4 (0,539%): Spain
4 (0,539%): Turkey
3 (0,521%): Venezuela
2 (0,470%): Cuba
3 (0,442%): Tunesia
3 (0,425%): Philippines
3 (0,416%): Lithuania
3 (0,398%): Portugal
2 (0,347%): Jamaica
2 (0,312%): Sierra Leone
1 (0,296%): Belarus
1 (0,296%): "Africa"
1 (0,296%): "other Asian"
2 (0,283%): Japan
2 (0,278%): Ukraine
2 (0,265%): Greece
2 (0,224%): China
1 (0,174%): Liberia
1 (0,174%): Mexico
1 (0,174%): Haiti
1 (0,174%): Bolivia
1 (0,156%): Nigeria
1 (0,156%): Ivory Coast
1 (0,156%): Somalia
1 (0,156%): Kenia
1 (0,156%): Madagascar
1 (0,156%): Uganda
1 (0,153%): United States of America
1 (0,142%): Vietnam
1 (0,142%): India
1 (0,142%): Pakistan
1 (0,139%): Yugoslavia
1 (0,139%): Sweden
1 (0,139%): Kazachstan
1 (0,139%): Israel
1 (0,112%): Austria

This time the prostitutes were far more consistent when they mentioned nationalities, in only 12 cases there were discrepencies. The nationalities I mention on the left are what I found most obvious and which I chose in the list above.
(2x) Eastern Europe = Italy
Slovakia = Czech Republic
Latvia = Estionia, Russia
Hungary = Czech Republic
Netherlands = China
Italy = Netherlands
Indonesia = "Hindustani"
Turkey = (Tunesia/Germany)
Colombia = Brazil
Colombia = Venezuela
Netherlands Antilles = Surinam

Of 30 Dutch prostitutes (of a total of 341) a different ethnic background was mentioned:
5 Morocco
4 Indonesia
3 Netherlands Antilles
3 "foreign"
1 Poland
1 Russia
1 Yugoslavia
1 Gambia
1 Tunesia
1 Egypt
1 Italy
1 Spain
1 "Asia"
1 South Korea
1 Turkey
1 "Latin America"
1 Surinam
1 "Hindustani"
1 "black"

The situation in window prostitution changed dramatically since 3 years ago, but in the clubs the situation seems to be very similar, just like a time freeze, the Dutch prostitutes still dominate, and many Eastern European prostitutes in clubs are Polish. I realize that I didn't mention detailed information per type of prostitution for the situation 3 years ago, so the reader cannot compare for themselves. I will do it in the future.

It is striking that in clubs (and privéhuizen) the prostitutes far more often engage into unsafe sex, but this time the differences between subgroups are not as large as compared to window prostitution.

I counted the types of unsafe sex the prostitutes (and clients) went into:
of 891 prostitutes:
39,843% blowjob without a condom
67,677% kissing
68,575% cunnilingus
9,203% anal with condom
1,122% anal without condom
13,244% rimming (buttlicking)
6,734% facial
3,030% coitus without condom

Now I will differentiate between subgroups.

of 189 Eastern European prostitutes
40,741% blowjob without a condom
57,672% kissing
61,376% cunnilingus
4,233% anal with condom
0,529% anal without condom
7,937% rimming (buttlicking)
2,646% facial
0,529% coitus without condom

of 111 Latin American prostitutes
27,928% blowjob without a condom
67,568% kissing
70,270% cunnilingus
6,306% anal with condom
0,000% anal without condom
5,405% rimming (buttlicking)
3,604% facial
2,703% coitus without condom

of 341 Dutch prostitutes
35,777% blowjob without a condom
75,660% kissing
75,073% cunnilingus
11,730% anal with condom
1,173% anal without condom
15,294% rimming (buttlicking)
8,504% facial
2,346% coitus without condom

of 44 Thai prostitutes
38,636% blowjob without a condom
61,364% kissing
61,364% cunnilingus
2,273% anal with condom
2,273% anal without condom
9,091% rimming (buttlicking)
4,545% facial
13,636% coitus without condom

of 62 German prostitutes
77,419% blowjob without a condom
64,516% kissing
70,968% cunnilingus
16,129% anal with condom
1,613% anal without condom
20,968% rimming (buttlicking)
11,290% facial
3,226% coitus without condom

of 524 prostitutes younger than 30 (I also use age estimates derived from review forms)
40,267% blowjob without a condom
66,794% kissing
67,366% cunnilingus
8,015% anal with condom
0,382% anal without condom
10,687% rimming (buttlicking)
5,153% facial
0,954% coitus without condom

of 319 prostitutes 30 years or older (I also use age estimates derived from review forms)
42,006% blowjob without a condom
72,100% kissing
73,668% cunnilingus
12,226% anal with condom
2,508% anal without condom
17,868% rimming (buttlicking)
10,031% facial
6,897% coitus without condom

Ages mentioned by 222 prostitutes
Average 28,280 (SD=7,455)
18-23: 32,432%
24-29: 33,784%
30-39: 24,324%
40 years or older: 9,459%

Ages mentioned by 55 Eastern European prostitutes
Average 25,341 (SD=5,510)
18-23: 41,818%
24-29: 41,818%
30-39: 12,727%
40 years or older: 3,636%

Ages mentioned by 30 Latin American prostitutes
Average: 28,648 (SD=6,521)
18-23: 23,333%
24-29: 36,667%
30-39: 33,333%
40 years or older: 6,667%

Ages mentioned by 80 Dutch prostitutes
Average: 28,406 (SD=7,416)
18-23: 36,250%
24-29: 26,250%
30-39: 30,000%
40 years or older: 7,500%

Clients typically pay 105 euros for 55 minutes of sex. The differences between different groups of prostitutes are not big, only the Latin American prostitutes are slightly cheaper; 1,7 euros per minute compared to 2 euros per minute for the others.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Window prostitutes 2008

Finally my window prostitute count is done.

I counted 2289 prostitutes but I had to leave some off because the reviews were too old. I started counting on November the 14th, so I decided to only analyze the prostitutes between November 14th 2007 and November 14th 2008.

The clients can fill in review forms where they can group the prostitutes into the following subgroups. I added some numbers and percentages. This time around of many prostitutes also a nationality is mentioned in the reviews, so that is interesting (these percentages were much less 3 years ago).

827 (45,044%): Eastern European (for 87,908% a nationality is named)
376 (20,479%): Latina (79,521%)
283 (15,414%): Dutch (obviously 100%)
114 (6,209%): Southern Europe (90,351%)
49 (2,669%): other (83,673%)
44 (2,397%): German (97,727%)
39 (2,124%): African (69,231%)
33 (1,797%): Thai (100%)
23 (1,253%): no group (86,957%)
22 (1,198%): "other Asians"
13 (0,708%): Surinamese (92,308%)
10 (0,545%): Belgian (100%)
3 (0,163%): Chinese (100%)

The nationalities mentioned are the following. Many prostitutes mentioned different nationalities to different clients, so I had to make a choice which one I found the most logical. The percentages mentioned are adjusted in such a way that for instance; prostitutes who are thought by the clients to be "Eastern European" are assumed to have the same distribution of nationalities as the other Eastern European women.

Total number of prostitutes:1836
Total number of prostitutes who named a nationality:1622
304 (16,689%): The Netherlands
226 (14,002%): Bulgaria
186 (11,522%): Hungary
123 (8,367%): Dominican Republic
93 (5,758%): Romania
79 (4,873%): Poland
63 (4,292%): Colombia
59 (3,650%): Czech Republic
46 (3,134%): Brazil
42 (2,851%): Venezuela
35 (2,156%): Spain
36 (2,006%): Germany
36 (1,974%): Thailand
30 (1,809%): Italy
15 (0,929%): Lithuania
12 (0,810%): Cuba
13 (0,805%): Ukraine
13 (0,799%): Greece
11 (0,682%): Latvia
11 (0,649%): Surinam
7 (0,551%): Ghana
8 (0,547%): Morocco
7 (0,524%): Jamaica
8 (0,491%): Albania
9 (0,490%): Belgium
6 (0,462%): Nigeria
7 (0,450%): France
7 (0,445%): Austria
7 (0,434%): Slovakia
6 (0,370%): Croatia
6 (0,362%): Kosovo
5 (0,342%): Puerto Rico
5 (0,342%): Panama
4 (0,274%): Chile
3 (0,205%): Ecuador
3 (0,205%): Costa Rica
3 (0,195%): England
3 (0,186%): Slovenia
3 (0,181%): Portugal
3 (0,171%): Philippines
3 (0,169%): Indonesia
2 (0,144%): Tunesia
2 (0,137%): Mexico
2 (0,134%): Netherlands Antilles
2 (0,134%): Argentina
2 (0,127%): Turkey
2 (0,124%): Serbia
2 (0,124%): Belarus
2 (0,124%): Moldova
2 (0,116%): Macedonia
1 (0,079%): Liberia
1 (0,079%): Sierra Leone
1 (0,079%): Mauretania
1 (0,079%): Guinea
1 (0,068%): Peru
1 (0,068%): Martinique
1 (0,068%): Guyana
1 (0,068%): Trinidad and Tobago
1 (0,065%): Scotland
1 (0,065%): Switzerland
1 (0,065%): Australia
1 (0,065%): United States of America
1 (0,065%): "Arab"
1 (0,065%): Iran
1 (0,063%): "middle east"
1 (0,062%): Estonia
1 (0,062%): Armenia
1 (0,060%): Egypt
1 (0,057%): Malaysia
1 (0,057%): "Hindustani"
1 (0,054%): China
1 (0,054%): Laos

I will also mention the cases where prostitutes mentioned different nationalities. The ones on the left are the ones I found the most plausible. Prostitutes will also often say they are halfbloods, so when she says she has a Italian and Bulgarian parents I write (Italy/Bulgaria).

104 cases
Albania = Italy
Albania = Czech Republic, Serbia
Albania = Serbia
Armenia = Germany
Brazil = Cuba
Brazil = Jamaica
Bulgaria = Croatia
(3x) Bulgaria = Czech Republic
Bulgaria = (Czech Republic/Hungary), Yugoslavia, Hungary
(2x) Bulgaria = Greece
Bulgaria = (Greece/Bulgaria)
(9x) Bulgaria = Hungary
Bulgaria = Hungary, Finland
Bulgaria = Italy, Romania
Bulgaria = Italy, Hungary
Bulgaria = Lebanon, Tunesia, Turkey
Bulgaria = Poland
Bulgaria = (Poland/Germany), (Bulgaria/Germany)
Bulgaria = Romania
(2x) Bulgaria = Russia
Bulgaria = Spain, (Spain/Bulgaria)
Bulgaria = South Africa
Colombia = Argentina
(2x) Colombia = Brazil
Colombia = Dominican Republic
Colombia = Portugal, Spain
Colombia = Spain
Colombia = Venezuela
Croatia = Yugoslavia
Cuba = (Italy/Latin America)
Czech Republic = (Portugal)
Czech Republic = (Slovakia/Greece)
Dominican Republic = Brazil
Dominican Republic = Colombia
Dominican Republic = (Cuba/Brazil)
Dominican Republic = (Jamaica/Latin America)
Dominican Republic = Netherlands Antilles
Dominican Republic = (Netherlands Antilles/Indonesia)
Dominican Republic = Portugal, Colombia
Dominican Republic = Spain
Dominican Republic = Venezuela
Ghana = Jamaica
Hungary = Austria
Hungary = Italy
Hungary = Poland
Indonesia = Thailand
Italy = Greece
Latin America = Spain
Lithuania = Slovenia
Macedonia = Belgium
Martinique = France
Mauretania = France
Moldova = Russia
Morocco = Palestine
(2x) Netherlands = Greece
Nigeria = Burundi
Nigeria = Ghana, Cameroon
Philippines = Thailand, Malaysia
Poland = Austria
(2x) Poland = Italy
Poland = Russia
Romania = Bulgaria
(2x) Romania = Czech Republic
Romania = Greece, Spain
(5x) Romania = Hungary
(2x) Romania = Hungary, Bulgaria
(4x) Romania = Italy
Romania = Spain
Romania = Yugoslavia, Croatia
Russia = Germany
(2x) Russia = Poland
Slovakia = Croatia, Czech Republic
Spain = Romania
Ukraine = Czech Republic
(2x) Ukraine = Russia
Venezuela = Brazil
Venezuela = Uzbekistan

I conclude that the nationalities mentioned cannot be very reliable. But it is stunning to see how many "Bulgarian" "Romanian" and "Hungarian" prostitutes have entered Dutch window prostitution.

Many Dutch prostitutes have a foreign background. Clients also mention these backgrounds of some Dutch prostitutes.

Of the 304 Dutch prostitutes 49 were mentioned to have a non Dutch ethnicity:
8 Morocco
6 Indonesia
5 Surinam
4 China
4 Hindustani
3 Turkey
2 "Africa"
2 Italy
1 Poland
1 Russia
1 Armenia
1 Macedonia
1 Tunesia
1 Egypt
1 Sweden
1 Philippines
1 India
1 Maluku Islands
1 Syria
1 Kurdish
1 Netherlands Antilles
1 Dominican Republic
1 Brazil

Clients can also give marks on the review form for different kinds of (unsafe) sex, such as coitus without condom or kissing. Of the 1836 prostitutes mentioned, I noted what kinds of (unsafe) sex they performed with the clients. I have to add though that there are very different opinions about the level of unsafety of these kinds of sexual activity.
14,216%: blowjob without condom
28,922%: kissing
38,508%: Cunnilingus
7,843%: anal with condom
0,926%: anal without condom
10,512%: rimming (buttlicking)
4,303%: facial
3,322%: coitus without condom

Now, a closer look for different groups of prostitutes.

For 858 Eastern European prostitutes:
13,054%: blowjob without condom
23,427%: kissing
36,131%: cunnilingus
5,245%: anal with condom
0,816%: anal without condom
7,226%: rimming (buttlicking)
3,147%: facial
3,030%: coitus without condom

For 413 Latin American prostitutes
23,002%: blowjob without condom
42,615%: kissing
48,668%: cunnilingus
9,201%: anal with condom
1,695%: anal without condom
15,496%: rimming (buttlicking)
6,295%: facial
5,811%: coitus without condom

For 304 Dutch prostitutes:
6,908%: blowjob without condom
28,289%: kissing
32,895%: cunnilingus
10,526%: anal with condom
0,658%: anal without condom
11,513%: rimming (buttlicking)
4,934%: facial
2,303%: coitus without condom

For 1235 prostitutes younger than 30 (I also use age estimates derived from review forms)
10,040%: blowjob without condom
20,486%: kissing
33,279%: cunnilingus
5,911%: anal with condom
0,486%: anal without condom
7,287%: rimming (buttlicking)
2,996%: facial
2,024%: coitus without condom

For 555 prostitutes 30 years or older (I also use age estimates derived from review forms)
23,964%: blowjob without condom
48,829%: kissing
51,892%: cunnilingus
12,252%: anal with condom
1,982: anal without condom
18,378%: rimming (buttlicking)
7,387%: facial
6,306%: coitus without condom

Notice that Latin American and older prostitutes have unsafe sex far more often. The last is also true within the seperate subgroups. So older Dutch prostitutes far more often have unsafe sex than the younger, same goes for the Eastern European women.

I also analyzed the ages mentioned. Prostitutes often mention different ages to different clients. In these cases I picked the oldest possible age. I also adjusted the ages to the last observation made (so if a prostitutes on June 2006 says she was 30 and the last observation made of her was on June 2008, I will add two years). I don't think the ages mentioned are too reliable. Many prostitutes have not mentioned their ages, and there are good reasons that many lie about their ages. Also older prostitutes are less eager to mention their age. And what could also be true is that older prostitutes are less popular than the younger (what could explain why older prostitutes far more often engage in unsafe sex). I also believe Latin American prostitutes are less popular.

ages mentioned of 717 prostitutes:
average: 26,583 (SD=6,745)
18-23: 44,212%
24-29: 32,775%
30-39: 16,876%
40 or older: 6,137%

ages mentioned of 402 Eastern European prostitutes:
average: 24,632 (SD=5,041)
18-23: 55,473%
24-29: 30,846%
30-39: 12,189%
40 or older: 1,493%

ages mentioned of 101 Latin American prostitutes
average: 32,836 (SD=7,929)
18-23: 5,941%
24-29: 39,604%
30-39: 32,673%
40 or older: 21,782%

ages mentioned of 119 Dutch prostitutes
average: 25,689 (SD 6,711)
18-23: 57,983%
24-29: 23,529%
30-39: 12,605%
40 or older: 5,882%

The clients typically pay 50 euros for 25 minutes of sex. The differences between groups are not very big. Only the Latin American women are paid slightly less per minute (app 1,6 euro) compared to the rest (app 2 euro). Also prostitutes 30 years or older are paid slightly less per minute (app 1,7 euro) compared to the rest (app 2 euro).

Perhaps I will do some extra analyses in the future. Now, it's time to move on the the club and privéhuis prostitutes.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


From the Dutch newspaper Metro ('Ik deed het alleen voor ons...' [I only did it for us...'], by Milou van der Will, December 3th 2008):

Mo took Melissa and within a day they rented a window on De Wallen. She got a pile of condoms, no lubricants and was put behind the window. When the first client knocked on the door Mo was on the opposite side [of the street] with a knife. If it would only enter her mind... "That first time I only cried, the bizarre thing is that many clients seem to get a kick out of that. Mo was very happy afterwards, he was proud of me and cuddled me. After every customer he collected the money."

By the way, I am busy with another count among prostitutes using a client review website. It seems that actually the number of (window) prostitutes from the Balkans has spectacularly increased during the last three years! (or maybe during the last 2 since the borders have been opened for Bulgaria and Romania) My guess is that most window prostitutes nowadays are Eastern European compared to some 20% three years ago. I think more than a quarter are from the Balkans. The number of Dutch window prostitutes has decreased.