Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Turkish gang

Another large Turkish gang is active in the red light districts of the Netherlands. Two Turkish brothers (Murat and Mehmet O) and another person have been arrested on the 11th of November. They sought contact with hundreds of women on websites like,, and . Murat was known as misterr_diamond on netlog. They brought dozens of women into prostitution. They have been operating for a number of years. They had women behind the windows of Amsterdam, Alkmaar and Utrecht. According to Harold van Gelder (the coordinator on human trafficking in Amsterdam) the pimps didn't use violence, but that's not true according to a certain Mohammed, an ex-pimp who was friends the brothers. According to Harold van Gelder these brothers moved into the vacuum left behind by the other gang after they were rounded up, but that seems unlikely to me because the bodyguards of the other gang walk around freely.


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