Saturday, August 23, 2008


Some bad prostitution news within a short period of time. This time an article in the Dutch newspaper ‘het brabants dagblad’:

It’s about Gina Kamphuis, a madam in Den Bosch who is the owner of the Chaplin Club. New taxation rules make it difficult to attract women to work in brothels. She decided to sell her brothel. Her remarks about prostitutes contrast heavily with researches done by Ine Vanwesenbeeck and Bureau Regioplan which seem to suggest that distress levels of prostitutes don’t seem to be very different from non-prostitutes. But perhaps Gina is also suffering from “underbelly” feelings?

Nooit meer een wippie als kadootje [never again a fuck as a gift]
August 18th 2008


“I am 56, two weeks ago I went upstairs myself to keep a client indoors. Today I have called 25 girls. They didn’t want it anymore. I have three left, sir. It also is becoming more silent. I am in the business for 26 years, it has become heavy. I am a mother towards my clients. But you also see al lot of things that give me a fright. Yes, criminal things too. But I also remember a man of approximately seventy years old who wanted to plompzakken [~something like “ditch-balling”], do you know that? I never heard of it. Then the scrotum is also put into the vagina, with the aid of a belt to open the woman maximally. One of the two could die of it. And then the inferiority in which you are treated. ‘Come here, baby’, they say. When they are upstairs, they grab your hair. ‘And now give me a blowjob, rotten whore’. Ah sir, when I soon get into the grave, I take a lot of secrets with me. And then it is also not allowed to smoke anymore!’


“And all those girls have borderline. Furthermore the whole [prostitution] world sniffs [coke] around me. I once took a sniff myself. I became very aggressive because of it. Never done it again. Last week I let a girl being taken away by the police. Totally addicted. I know her for eight years, have taken her in my home, paid everything for her, totally wasted.”


“But I’ve done al lot for prostitution. Still! It started with aids. My girls didn’t have to do blowjobs without a condom anymore, they didn’t have to be fucked in the ass anymore. The result was that I [only] made 250 guilders [about 125 dollars?] in three weeks time.”


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Schone Schijn

For the ones who are interested and who can read Dutch;

You can read the report 'Schone Schijn' over here:

(the webpage of the OM)

(the pdf-file)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A negative view


Some quotes by a former prostitute from an article in the Dutch weekly magazine 'Mijn Geheim' ['My Secret'] (nr 8/19 2008) The 18 years old Vlinder meets Wessel and is forced / manipulated by him to work in a club. Remarkably Wessel has a good job, is married and has children. She has a very negative few about prostitution and prostitutes, but beware that all the information indicates she worked in only one single Dutch club (so not really representative).

DOSSIER - In de klauwen van loverboys - Vlinder wil weer vliegen... [File - In the claws of loverboys - Butterfly wants to fly again...]


The next day I went back and then I was a bit taken care of by a woman who worked here for quite a long time. She came from the world of swingers, with lots of varying sex contacts, and she made her hobby her work. She found it pleasant and on top of it she also could make a lot of money. She was one of the few women whom I met in those years who were there voluntarily. The others were all forced. Me too, I realise in hindsight. I was there because I couldn’t devise another way to get money and because Wessel manipulated me in that direction.


I became hardened because of my work. Prostitution is a very dirty branch of industry, where everybody succumbs. What happens is humanly disgraceful. You sustain scars which will never disappear. You also become rock and rock-hard because of it. I have experienced terrible things. I have seen boys [young men], heterosexual boys, who were forced into gay prostitution. Some didn’t know any other solution for their shame than to end their life. I had ninety year old guys who came by three times a week to do it with me. Then we talk about an age difference of almost seventy years. Whore-hoppers are jerks, jerks, all of them. The world of prostitution is one of those places where the upper world and the underworld meet each other. There were men who went with me in those dirty, stinking, dimly lit little rooms whom I later saw on television in the Lower House. Well known Dutch people who came by. Nice, a quick visit to a whore, quickly grab a girl. Disgusting. Hired assassins whose mugs you sometimes see in the newspaper, who went over me. A client who quickly, quickly raped me without a condom. ‘In about a month or six you know what kind of present I gave you!’ he shouted when he ran away. It was clear what he meant: only after six months it can be verified if you have HIV.
You also mustn’t have a romantic idea about the relationships between the girls. They are rock-hard for each other, every weakness is punished mercilessly. They all try to make as much money as possible with the littlest effort possible. You try to get the best clients for yourself and you send the beasts with the other girls to upstairs. What happens to them, at least spares you. You are alone, you have to do everything yourself. You don’t have a sense of time anymore, you live at night. After every client your soul crumbles further, but in the long run your grieve sinks away. Everything evolves around money.



Sunday, August 10, 2008



A nice translation by me of the article 'Amper Zicht op Vrouwenhandel' from the paper Het Parool:

Barely insight in trafficking in women.
Paul Vugts, August 9th, 2008

The government barely had insight in trafficking in women during the last years. That for ten years, on de Wallen in Amsterdam and in other red light districts women were exploited on a huge scale, was barely noticed.

That’s what the public prosecutor concluded in the report Schone schijn [~Keeping up appearances], [the report is] a response to the large organization of women traffickers led by the Turkish-German brothers Saban and Hasan B. They recently were convicted because their group exploited with brute force 78 to 120 prostitutes on de Wallen and the red light districts of Utrecht and Alkmaar. [note: Saban was sentenced for 7 and a half years, Hasan for 2 and a half years. 4 others got sentences between 8 months and 3 years. 3 of the 6 suspects are to pay compensation up to 50.000 euros. Well, that will take at most 3 years before 5 of 6 suspects will be free and continue with what they were doing in the first place…….]

Police inspections didn’t bring the serious abuses to light and social workers didn’t sound the alarm. Insiders in the prostitution business, such as the people who rent out the windows, knew about the situation, but did nothing.

“The current prostitution policy is not well equipped to perceive human trafficking,’ conclude the researchers. The government wrongly assumes that inspections and license systems bring human trafficking to light.

The case against the group of the brothers B. shows that ‘even when there are useful signals of human trafficking, these are not always adequately followed up.’

The researchers have nineteen recommendations which should improve the [prostitution] policy so much that women traffickers have no freedom of movement anymore. Following the recommendations which have already been done during the research, the municipality of Amsterdam in the mean time works hard on improvements.

The size of trafficking in women is unknown. Specialized inspectors of the police in the three cities, who inspect all the window brothels four times a year, estimate that ‘fifty to ninety’ percent of all window prostitutes work involuntarily. In Amsterdam that would mean at least four thousand victims, since in the city there work according to the municipality between eight and ten thousand prostitutes. After keep-asking the researchers learned that the police [inspectors] based their estimate ‘on their underbelly’, not on substantiated countings.

The number of cases that the judiciary in Amsterdam received during 2001 and 2005, are in big contrast to the estimates of the inspectors. In those five years the public prosecutor received ‘only’ 92 cases, in 2005 itself it were eleven. Regarding these numbers the researchers notice that in all three investigated cities cases are lying ‘on the shelf’, while in the Aanwijzing Mensenhandel [Direction on Human Trafficking] of the national judicial summit this is explicitly prohibited.

That's interesting! So estimates like the '90 percent' of the Eastern European prostitutes being 'in the power' of 'pimps, madams and human traffickers' made by TAMPEP could also be based on underbelly feelings? That would make my quest it bit easier; just remove all the guesstimates! Too bad that subtiantiated countings are also unreliable. Most prostitutes that are forced will tell that they are doing fine anyway.