Friday, May 30, 2008

Surprise - part 4


Last year there was a report published stating that the illegal prostitution industry in the Netherlands largely doesn't exist. (I mean this report:
Verboden bordelen; evaluatie opheffing bordeelverbod: niet-legale prostitutie, more on this in my post: surprise!!)

I stumbled upon a new report (of the same year) about the escort industry in Amsterdam. It states the complete contrary; there is large illegal escort industry in Amsterdam and in the middle and lower segments of that industry mainly Romanian prostitutes are heavily exploited.

I mean this report:
Escort in Amsterdam Revisited: De Amsterdamse Escortbranche Anno 2007 (2007, Marnix W.B. Eysink Smeets, Leon van Lier, Renée Römkens, Margreth Egelkamp, Jenneke van Ditzhuijzen, m.m.v. Peter Klerks, Pauline Naber en Annet Speelberg)

More about this report at the bottom of my post about Eastern European prostitutes.

The soap about the conflicting reports continues.......