Saturday, September 08, 2007

Unsafe sex


I lately realised that I actually forgot to mention unsafe sex in prostitution on my blog. I the beginning of 2006 I did a sample survey on in which I mapped how many times prostitutes in Belgium performed unsafe sex. I sampled 301 prostitutes in Belgium who worked in brothels (not window prostitution). Of these prostitutes 56% (N=168) had oral sex without protection and 76% (N=229) kissed.

I did a sample (on September the 6th, 2007) on the website (a Dutch website where mostly prostitutes residing in the Netherlands place ads) and of the 687 prostitutes sampled:
75% (N=517) offer cunnilingus without protection
72% (N=496) offer French kissing
57% (N=393) offer oral sex without protection.
28% (N=191) offer anal sex with condom
2,2% (N=15) offer anal sex without condom

Another interesting thing is that:
20% (N=136) offer to be video-recorded
27% (N=186) offer to be photographed
Overall 27% (N=187) either way offer to be photographed or video-recorded. This suggests a large overlap between the prostitution-industry and the porn-industry. For instance; 28% of the 119 street- and escort-prostitutes in Phoenix Arizona interviewed in a study by Lisa A. Kramer had also engaged in pornography (see “emotional experiences of performing prostitution” in “prostitution, trafficking and traumatic stress” edited by Melissa Farley, 2003).


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