Saturday, September 01, 2007

Black Hole Land


Hey you guys, I never actually heard of compulsion in the webcam industry, so perhaps I thought I could give it a try with a webcam lady.

After all, life is all about acquiring peak experiences. Well, this is one of my conversations:

(**=me, __=the webcam lady)

**Are you Brittish?
**Or British?
__but you?
**You speak the language well
**I'm Dutch
__well i'm from nowhere land
__do u know where that is?
__i bet u have a guess
**Anonymous land
**Okay, really have to leave
__land of nobody i call it...shit land hole...
__nice meeting u
**Are you really feeling that bad?
__one word"romania" tells it all
**Wow, lucky that's now a part of the EU
**Say, you are not forced to do this are you?
__yup ..hope my gradchildren will live better
__nope.the bonus i have to get ugrges me badly i'm sorryu if i stall and keep u more
**Okay, bye!
__scared u off
__truth hurts

Hmmm, I really don't know. This costs me a whole lot of money, so perhaps I should stop.
Don't know what to think anymore of the sex industry (if working in prostitution really has not effect on your mental well-being).

In the mean time a few days later: I just asked another Romanian webcam girl how much money she earns per minute. Of the 80 eurocents I pay per minute, she only recieves 10.... oopss... Anyway, I should have known because it's all explained on the website "Camgirlnotes". You should especially read Global differences in payscale on this website. They actually report that:
The Czechs and Slovaks earn about one dollar to a $1.20, and the Bulgarians, Estonians and Russians about 0.70 cents to 0.80 cents. The Ukrainians were near the bottom of the global pay-scale, only earning between 0.25 to 0.30 cents per minute plus their measly hourly fee. Bulgarian Models on LJ only earn 0.25 cents per minute, while some Romanians are reportedy paid a little as 0.10 per minute for flashing themselves -a fee they must then split with their studios - leaving them with only a nickel.
(actually I already read this way before my webcam-experiments, but I simply forgot)


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Anonymous said...

I'm an ex secort who have some things to tell you, and other things to ask you. Do you have an email or how can I get in contact without posting on the site?