Saturday, September 08, 2007

Unsafe sex


I lately realised that I actually forgot to mention unsafe sex in prostitution on my blog. I the beginning of 2006 I did a sample survey on in which I mapped how many times prostitutes in Belgium performed unsafe sex. I sampled 301 prostitutes in Belgium who worked in brothels (not window prostitution). Of these prostitutes 56% (N=168) had oral sex without protection and 76% (N=229) kissed.

I did a sample (on September the 6th, 2007) on the website (a Dutch website where mostly prostitutes residing in the Netherlands place ads) and of the 687 prostitutes sampled:
75% (N=517) offer cunnilingus without protection
72% (N=496) offer French kissing
57% (N=393) offer oral sex without protection.
28% (N=191) offer anal sex with condom
2,2% (N=15) offer anal sex without condom

Another interesting thing is that:
20% (N=136) offer to be video-recorded
27% (N=186) offer to be photographed
Overall 27% (N=187) either way offer to be photographed or video-recorded. This suggests a large overlap between the prostitution-industry and the porn-industry. For instance; 28% of the 119 street- and escort-prostitutes in Phoenix Arizona interviewed in a study by Lisa A. Kramer had also engaged in pornography (see “emotional experiences of performing prostitution” in “prostitution, trafficking and traumatic stress” edited by Melissa Farley, 2003).


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Black Hole Land


Hey you guys, I never actually heard of compulsion in the webcam industry, so perhaps I thought I could give it a try with a webcam lady.

After all, life is all about acquiring peak experiences. Well, this is one of my conversations:

(**=me, __=the webcam lady)

**Are you Brittish?
**Or British?
__but you?
**You speak the language well
**I'm Dutch
__well i'm from nowhere land
__do u know where that is?
__i bet u have a guess
**Anonymous land
**Okay, really have to leave
__land of nobody i call it...shit land hole...
__nice meeting u
**Are you really feeling that bad?
__one word"romania" tells it all
**Wow, lucky that's now a part of the EU
**Say, you are not forced to do this are you?
__yup ..hope my gradchildren will live better
__nope.the bonus i have to get ugrges me badly i'm sorryu if i stall and keep u more
**Okay, bye!
__scared u off
__truth hurts

Hmmm, I really don't know. This costs me a whole lot of money, so perhaps I should stop.
Don't know what to think anymore of the sex industry (if working in prostitution really has not effect on your mental well-being).

In the mean time a few days later: I just asked another Romanian webcam girl how much money she earns per minute. Of the 80 eurocents I pay per minute, she only recieves 10.... oopss... Anyway, I should have known because it's all explained on the website "Camgirlnotes". You should especially read Global differences in payscale on this website. They actually report that:
The Czechs and Slovaks earn about one dollar to a $1.20, and the Bulgarians, Estonians and Russians about 0.70 cents to 0.80 cents. The Ukrainians were near the bottom of the global pay-scale, only earning between 0.25 to 0.30 cents per minute plus their measly hourly fee. Bulgarian Models on LJ only earn 0.25 cents per minute, while some Romanians are reportedy paid a little as 0.10 per minute for flashing themselves -a fee they must then split with their studios - leaving them with only a nickel.
(actually I already read this way before my webcam-experiments, but I simply forgot)