Monday, May 28, 2007

New numbers


The Dutch Foundation against Trafficking in Women has released new numbers over the whole year of 2006 (see in 'cijfers t/m 2006', or to be more specific over here).

It is interesting that contrary to earlier years they also registered the sector where victims worked. The numbers (in case of prostitution) are like this (the total number of victims in 2006 was 579 of whom 30 were men):
124 (21,5%) : Brothel/club
66 (11,5%) : window prostitution
47 (8,1%) : Privéhuis **
44 (7,6%) : Street prostitution
30 (5,2%) : Escort
**: A privéhuis is a brothel without a bar, clients are directly introduced to the prostitutes

Also some 4,9% of the cases involved sectors other than prostitution. In the remaining cases (41%) the sector was probably unknown (the foundation is unclear about that).

Funny thing is that in these new numbers the clubs and privéhuizen are 2,6 times more often involved than window prostitution, that was totally unexpected for me. An old theory can be thrown into the dustbin. Probably human trafficking is not relatively more often involved in window prostitution than in other sectors of prostitution as I thought it would be (my estimate is that as a whole prostitution in clubs and privéhuizen is 2,5 times larger than in window prostitution, so compare that to the 2,6).



Henry Trotter said...

Just wondering: does Holland have a "dockside" prostitution sector that caters for seamen? I'm thinking most likely of Rotterdam. Are there clubs where prostitutes hang out that are just for foreign sailors? I ask this because I am conducting research on dockside prostitution in South Africa where dockside nightclubs for the sailors and prostitutes are an important part of the sex trade.

I appreciate your website. It is interesting and informative.

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Donkey said...

In the past Rotterdam had "Katendrecht" but that was closed down in the 1970s.