Tuesday, June 20, 2006

STV has released new numbers


The STV (Stichting Tegen Vrouwenhandel=Foundation against trafficking in women) has released new numbers for the years 2005 and early 2006 (from January till April).

Their websites:
www.mensenhandel.nl/ (look at "cijfers tot Juni 2006")

Funny thing is that in the year 2005 of the 424 persons who were registered at the STV as victims of human trafficking, 98 are Dutch!!! That's 23,1% of the total. I don't mean that it's less of a problem when foreign women are trafficked. (In 2006 until April, the numbers are:39/122 Dutch, i.e. 32%)

Notice though that at this moment they are also registering people who have been exploited in other forms of labour than prostitution. There are now also a couple of men who are registered as victims of human trafficking. (2 of them in prostitution!)

(sorry, it's in Dutch, but for now, just a snippet in English....)

Also this year most women were put to work in prostitution. Of only a small part (1,6%) of the reported victims it is known they were exploited in the hotel and catering industry or as an au-pair. Well over 37% of the reported women were forced to work in prostitution. Of a relatively large group it is unknown where they have worked. It happens that this information is not supplied in connection with the safety of the woman. The STV then only knows in which region she can be sheltered safely.
Of the women who worked in prostitution, 11,5% worked in a brothel and well over 6% worked behind a window. Of a small part it is known that they worked in the escort or as a street-prostitute. It is amazing that still relatively many victims are found in licensed businesses. It seems that in some municipalities the supervision over the observance of the law yields insufficient guarantees against women trafficking. Continuous attention for a good licensing system and supervision over the observance thereof is extremely important to stop abuses.


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