Sunday, May 21, 2006


I think I'll change the purpose of my blog. No more "hidden information" about prostitution in the Netherlands, but more a philosophical quest about "the client's search for the voluntary prostitute".


kyer said...

Hey Donkey, still waiting for that overhaul... :)

Donkey said...

Sorry, but I really have nothing more to say. My message can be written on 3 pages basically.

I'll adjust my "index" and make some adjustments to my manifesto.

And by the way, only a few people visit my blog.

kyer said...

It doesn't matter if only a few people visit your blog.

Even if you inform just one person about the issue, it is worth it, to me at least.

Developing web traffic takes time and patience. Also, linking to other bloggers' articles and leaving comments is a good way to generate interest (and traffic) in your site.

Don't give up.

Donkey said...

Funny thing is that until a month ago I got lots of visits to my blog, typically a hundred pageviews a day.

Now this has dropped to less than ten pageviews a day.