Thursday, March 09, 2006

The solution

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I’ve found a solution to a problem in my previous post.

In the next article which I discussed in that post it is said that 47% of the Amsterdam based prostitutes is Eastern European and that 26% is African:

Threat to switch off city's red lights

Yet beyond the legalised sector are less well-regulated areas. One problem is European Union labour laws which do not permit non-EU citizens to work. The result is that Eastern European and African women, who make up 47 per cent and 26 per cent respectively of Amsterdam-based prostitutes according to recent government figures, are vulnerable to violent abuse, blackmail and extortion.

I found out that the author of this article has made a tremendous error. He has lifted these numbers from the fourth report of the national rapporteur on human trafficking in the Netherlands. Those numbers refer to victims of human trafficking in the Netherlands, and NOT to prostitutes in Amsterdam in general. That means that app 47% of the VICTIMS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE NETHERLANDS are Eastern European and 26% is African. In reality the real figures are more like 15-20% Eastern European and 2-3% African for the total number of prostitutes in the Netherlands (but yet, even this is only just a hunch) .

It seems that many people have troubles interpreting statistics (including me).

You can read that report here:
Trafficking in Human Beings, Supplementary figures, Fourth report of the Dutch National Rapporteur

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