Monday, February 27, 2006


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Sorry guys, but something terrible has happened. I actually received an email from Ruth Hopkins. I had some articles from her on my blog (“Slave trade on de Wallen”, and “the prostitution cycle). That’s illegal, and she asked me to remove these articles.

And because 95% of what’s on my blog are copied newspaper-articles, that means that the whole objective of my blog is gone, namely: to inform the world about what’s going on in the Netherlands concerning prostitution, because so much information is in Dutch and inaccessible to the rest of the world. It seems that copying and translating articles is against the law.

At this moment I’m in sort of a crisis situation. I’m thinking about closing down this blog.

I’m very sorry.


a lonely crusader........

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1 comment:

Brad said...


I hope you don't give up on what you're doing. As an alternative to copying the newspaper articles, post links to them. If they are in Dutch, use Google or Altavista to provide a translated page. Meanwhile, in your blog, put your own thoughts and commentary on the article.

I think you have a good perspective on this important topic, and I hope your voice continues to be heard, either through this blog or otherwise.