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Hi everybody!!!

I live in the Netherlands. I visited prostitutes, and thought because prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, everything would be okay. It's not. In fact, there's (probably) lots of human trafficking in the Netherlands. Foreign women are trafficked, but probable also many Dutch women too. Also the working conditions in the brothels are often not good.

This blog is focused on the question of how difficult it is for clients to seperate the "forced" prostitutes from the "voluntary" prostitutes. It is crucial in the fight against the abuses in prostitution that clients are actually aware of these problems, and that they can have the choice to be critical consumers. Unfortunately, the way prostitution is regulated the way it is in the Netherlands, it is impossible to be like that.

Many people believe that because prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, forced prostitution would only occur in the illegal domain. This is not true. As far as I can see most of the human trafficking actually happens in the legal domain.

I'm also trying to map how extensive forced prostitution in the Netherlands really is. I have read numerous reports and they are contradicting each other. Estimates of how many prostitutes are forced range between 0% to 100% of the total number of prostitutes. So this is a big problem. This uncertainty only makes it worse for clients.

Beware that my most recent opinion is that I believe that prostitution can never be regulated and that it would be wise if people didn't visit prostitutes, although I also believe that prostitution should be decriminalized.

Anyway, you can read the first part of my story here:
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and here is the second part:
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And.... I also wrote a MANIFESTO and a FAQ. Here's the manifesto:
My manifesto!!!

Here's the FAQ (which means Frequently Asked Questions):

My goals, methodologies and some conclusions:
Goals, methodology and conclusions

Some vital statistics (I have to emphasise here that there are two separate links under this line, this is not one big link!):
Statistics (part 2)

extra statistiscs (gathered from, so under this line are multiple links, this is not one big link!):
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Selected quotes (from
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Here's a media analysis I've done of hundreds of trafficking cases in the Netherlands:
An analysis of forced prostitution in the Dutch media

Some definitions of human trafficking:

Some additional info:
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Evidence of human trafficking
Thai prostitutes
Latin American prostitutes
African prostitutes
Dutch prostitutes, drugs and labour conditions

I even translated some Dutch articles into English, I hope it will give you a 'positive' image about Dutch prostitution. They are a bit negative though, but I have to stress that they all cover window prostitution. That's where much of the trafficking occurs. But what these articles will show you is that legal prostitution isn't that well regulated at all!! (Anyway, if you're lazy, I want you to skip all the articles except the one by Ruth Hopkins about the slave trade on de Wallen which caused a great stir in the Dutch world of prostitution.)

You will find basically all the remaining posts on my blog (including the translated articles) here:

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Okay, I also have some quotes from books about legal prostitution in Nevada, USA. Same problem in those brothels!!! Okay, Nevada is not in the Netherlands, but I'm having a hard time translating all those silly articles which nobody reads in the first place. A bigger blog has more hits. But what's the bottom line is that in the Nevada brothels there are women who work for pimps while the brothel owners know about it and don't stop it.
Brothel, Mustang Ranch and its women
Madam, inside a Nevada Brothel

And I also have a Dutch prostitution-blog:


Maggie Picard said...

Do you think the short duration of time in service means that these women actually leave the trade? That would mean that exit opportunities are already in place, and women just take a while to discover them.

Or, are they just being moved on to another location, or even killed?

I have read that masny pimps rotate their girls from city to city every few weeks. This is partly because new faces bring in more customers, but also to keep them from forming friendships with people who might help them escape.

In these days of airport security searches, I should think that placing a note in one's pocket, purse or luggage saying, "Help, I am being abducted by a pimp!" - or writing this on the back of a boarding pass - might bring help in short order.

Donkey said...

Yes, many prostitutes leave their pimps very quickly. That's the positive side of all of this. But for those who do not leave their pimp it's because they are scared of him. Many prostitutes are even in love with their pimp. And many illegal foreign prostitutes are afraid they will be deported when they go to the police.

mo said...

Moroccan society and culture has not benefited Holland in any positive way. It’s always the same old exuses. The endless spinning windmill. This Moroccan man that was arrested and in jail telling his story, is not repentant at all it’s all an act. Had he NOT been arrested he would be pimping right now. People like this don’t ever learn. The only way they learn is thru deportation back to there country of origin. I'm an Arab man myself. Why it that I can find a job is, get an education, etc, blend in with your society evey time I travel on holiday to holland? I live in, adapt to my surrounding etc. It is because I am not an animal from some backward village in the Atlas Mountains. I don’t even live in Holland or Europe or even want to. These people that Europe let in through the last 20 or 30 years are the trash or Arab countries. Unfortunately Europe didn’t realize this until it was too late. There’s a saying we have as Arabs. "Never give anyone a chance or opportunity that has had no chance for the last 2000 years" otherwise you open the flood gates of sewage into you societies. As you see now. 1 million Moroccans living in Holland!! My god help you guys you are really screwed. God help your people, culture and daughters.

jehad sydney said...

Mo dont try and talk in behalf of arabs because your just one of those weaklings that gives up his honour and what he believes in to the west or oppressor. If you were a real man with heart you wouldnt let them stand over you and give in to them mate. Wheres the Democracy,Tolerance and Respect of other Races,Cultures and Religions.A person should never have to give up what he believes in to anyone. Why does someone need to give up his Religion and Beliefs to be given a Fair go? tell me that and dont give me that bullshit that our shab is the one that braught pimping in western countries when you I and everybody else knows it was introduced by them not us. Open your mind and smarten up ya kholez

Pooja said...

I am a documentary filmmaker doing a documentary about Prostitution in the Netherlands and kinda focusing on victims of trafficing. Do you know any organisations to contact or any place i can get any info????
Any help would be appreciated!

Donkey said...

I think the best organization would be COMENSHA (or STV):

see there website:

or their email-address:

Red Thread would be okay:

louis lammas said...

Hey, I'm a Media Production student in living in England in my final year at University. My final year project is a documentary about prostitution in Amsterdam. I am really interested in what you have writing on your blog, i was wondering whether it would be possible to meet and speak a bit more about your views.
I have a website with a little bit more about i am hopping to film.
Look forward hearing back from you
this is my number