Tuesday, January 24, 2006

An evil world

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I’m really depressed, because my blog gets only a couple of hits per day. The search-engines ignore it basically.

I believe my struggle is hopeless though. People are just too realistic. Look around. Everything you buy is basically co-manufactured by slaves. The cacao in all the chocolate in the Netherlands is made by child-slaves in Africa. Yet we all eat chocolate. What’s all the fuzz about having sex with a victim of human trafficking?

I follow the debate about human trafficking in the Netherlands up close. I’ve made a horrific discovery. It turns out that the people who we should trust most: the aid-workers, want the victims of human trafficking to be in the legal brothels. At least they are save up there.

My favourite journalist Ruth Hopkins states that most of the prostitutes in the window-brothels in Amsterdam are slaves. But she doesn’t want them to be closed down. Same reason: the victims can work safely up there, and the aid-workers and the police have more easy access to these women.

The brothel-owners are breaking the rules!!! They know damn well what’s going on!!! And the aid-workers and the police are supporting them!!!

But how can I know (the client) when a prostitute I visit is a real prostitute or a sex-slave when the good people want the victims to be there?

It’s a shame that clients are ignored this way. We could make such a positive contribution to end this savage slave trade.

We are living in a bad world.

Bye, a very depressed Donkey.

(Don't misinterpret me. The aid workers and Ruth Hopkins actually DO want human trafficking to be stopped. They only don't want the brothels where the human trafficking takes place to be closed down.)

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Onanite said...

I read your BLOG ....

"But how can I know (the client) when a prostitute I visit is a real prostitute or a sex-slave when the good people want the victims to be there?"

Ummm ... maybe you should NOT hire a woman for sex? I mean Jack off or something. You are part of the problem I would suspect.


Donkey said...

Yeah,I agree. But I don't visit prostitutes anymore for exactly that reason.

Brad said...

Hey Donkey,

I wanted to let you know I linked to you in my latest post. Hopefully my readers will appreciate your message and start visiting you frequently :)


jay said...

it's grim but keep at it. what you're doing is important. know this.

have you submitted the site to directories like http://dmoz.org/

and there are places like this, though i don't know how effective they are

Donkey said...

Oh, but I haven't been honest though. I have the idea that you believe the aid workers (and Ruth Hopkins) are turning a BLIND eye to human trafficking. This is not true. They want the police to crack down on it. They only believe it's not realistic to close down the brothels where the human trafficking actually takes place. Cause it will move underground then. They believe you should crack down on the human traffickers and not on the brothels and the brothel owners.

But this doesn't make sense to me. Cause you'll need to know as a client that the brothel you are visiting is free of slavery. Keeping the wrong brothels open is counterproductive. And it gives the brothel owners the signal that it's okay to employ victims of human traficking. And the clients will believe that having sex with a victim of human trafficking is not a bad thing.

Thank you for your messages

kyer said...

Donkey --- I wanted to email you an article about trafficking in de Wallen but you do not have your email address posted on your site! Could you perhaps provide this?

Also, do not fret! Keep up with the posting! I linked to you via my blog as well.

Donkey said...

My email is krisobelix@hotmail.com

Silly name really, can't help it.

kyer said...

Did you get my email, Donkey?

peppylady said...

I always thought prostitution was legeal and organized there. It illegel here in the united states and belive me they have their own set of promblems.
To bad most of the time the prostitute are getting screwed more ways then one.

miss adventure said...

Hi Donkey,

I have just had a quick look at your site and am very interested to spend more time looking through the research you have found.

Did you got to the Open Day in the RLD a couple of weeks ago? It was interesting to be able to see/hear about a sex workers' workplace.

From the brief look at the report about 40ish% of sex slaves work in windows, so I'm not sure how this translates to the % of windows that have sex slaves working in them.

Have you also been to the Prostitution Information Centre? It would be interesting to talk to them about this issue.

I am deeply distubed at human trafficing and it really becomes an immigration issue as much as a prostitution one which makes it even more difficult.

Thanks for putting this blog together and for all your work it is a great thing!

Ms A.

Donkey said...

I have been in the PIC and I’ve spoken Mariska Majoor. At that time I believed 80 percent of the window-prostitutes on de Wallen was trafficked. We had a fierce argument about that. According to her it’s app. 20%, and now I believe that’s more realistic. Me and Mariska Majoor totally disagree with each other. I believe clients have responsibilities, and she believes they don’t. Period.

I’m really into numbers. I see it like this: when you visit 10 random prostitutes on de Wallen, you can expect to meet 2 victims of human trafficking (when you take that 20%), I like to put that number to zero. I wish there were brothels who check the girls and try to avoid victims of human trafficking from working there. But unfortunately the brothel-keepers often look the other way.

A large percentage of victims of human trafficking are found in window-prostitution. That’s app 30-40%. When you know the total scale of human trafficking and when you know the percentage of prostitutes who work behind windows you can make a very rough estimate about the percentage of women behind the windows who are trafficked. Unfortunately all the data is very rough. Roughly 20% of all prostitutes works behind windows. And roughly 20% of all the prostitutes are trafficked (according to official data, I believe this number is lower, more like 10%). That means that app. 7% of the prostitutes is a victim of human trafficking in window-prostitution. Divide 7 by 20, and that should mean that roughly a third of the women behind the windows is trafficked. But, it’s all very rough, and more like a game with numbers. But beware, even Mariska Majoor admits that 20% of the girls behind the windows are trafficked.

Human trafficking is not only am immigration issue, also many Dutch prostitutes have been trafficked. Metje Blaak of the prostitutes-union the Red Thread, estimates that 30% of the Dutch prostitutes has been introduced into prostitution by a bad boyfriend, or a ‘loverboys. Het Scharlaken Koord on de Wallen puts that number even at 80-90%!!!

I’m glad you’ve shown interest in my blog.