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An evil world

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I’m really depressed, because my blog gets only a couple of hits per day. The search-engines ignore it basically.

I believe my struggle is hopeless though. People are just too realistic. Look around. Everything you buy is basically co-manufactured by slaves. The cacao in all the chocolate in the Netherlands is made by child-slaves in Africa. Yet we all eat chocolate. What’s all the fuzz about having sex with a victim of human trafficking?

I follow the debate about human trafficking in the Netherlands up close. I’ve made a horrific discovery. It turns out that the people who we should trust most: the aid-workers, want the victims of human trafficking to be in the legal brothels. At least they are save up there.

My favourite journalist Ruth Hopkins states that most of the prostitutes in the window-brothels in Amsterdam are slaves. But she doesn’t want them to be closed down. Same reason: the victims can work safely up there, and the aid-workers and the police have more easy access to these women.

The brothel-owners are breaking the rules!!! They know damn well what’s going on!!! And the aid-workers and the police are supporting them!!!

But how can I know (the client) when a prostitute I visit is a real prostitute or a sex-slave when the good people want the victims to be there?

It’s a shame that clients are ignored this way. We could make such a positive contribution to end this savage slave trade.

We are living in a bad world.

Bye, a very depressed Donkey.

(Don't misinterpret me. The aid workers and Ruth Hopkins actually DO want human trafficking to be stopped. They only don't want the brothels where the human trafficking takes place to be closed down.)

(I'm especially referring to these posts:)
Slave trade on de Wallen
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Thursday, January 19, 2006


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Vital Statistics

Important documents:
(in English:)
First Report of the Dutch National Rapporteur
Second report of the Dutch National Rapporteur (Supplementary figures)
Third report of the Dutch National Rapporteur
Fourth report of the Dutch National Rapporteur (Supplementary figures)
Research based on case studies (of victims of trafficking in human beings in 3 EU Member States)
TAMPEP 2000-2002 (study about prostitutes in Europe, includes details about window prostitutes in the Netherlands)
TAMPEP 2004 (part 1)
TAMPEP 2004 (part 2)

(in Dutch)
Mensenhandel in Nederland 1997-2000
Mobiliteit in de Nederlandse prostitutie

I want to present to you some vital statistics about prostitution in the Netherlands

Total number of prostitutes.
This number is very insecure. Usually those estimates are usually on a yearly basis. The following quote I lifted from this report:
Research based on case studies (of victims of trafficking in human beings in 3 EU Member States)
(but originally it was from this report, but it's in Dutch:
Mobiliteit in de Nederlandse prostitutie )

In the framework of the aid- and std-prevention projects the GGD's made an inventarisation in the Netherlands of the composition of the population of the prostitutes in 1999. This research yielded in 20.000 persons. A part of the target group remains however invisible. Other estimations (a.o. Visser, 2000,2002) vary roughly between 20.000 and 30.000. The accepted estimation of 25.000 prostitutes is therefore possibly correct (Van Mens en Van der Helm, 2000,11).

I use this source:
Mensenhandel in Nederland 1997-2000

According to Visser and other ('Trends in prostitutie en beleid. De tweede rapportage van de Profeitstudie', 2000) there are app. 18.000 prostitutes in the Netherlands.

There are an estimated 15.000 illegal prostitutes in the Netherlands according to data from Sietske Altink in the year 1996.

All these estimates are usually on a yearly basis, in reality there could by only 12.500 prostitutes who work on a daily or weekly basis (according to the mr A de Graafstichting, see the article 'Betaalde liefde' by Marieke van Doorninck in "C.V. Koers", February 2000, page 6 and further).

An older estimate is from 1977 from the report 'De commerciële sexbedrijven in Nederland' (by C. van der Werff and A.A. Van der Zee-Nefkens). The police was then familiar with 8000 prostitutes for whom 5500 women prostitution was their main means of income and of whom 2400 women worked incidentally in prostitution. The number of men in prostitution was estimated at 1300.

What are the countries of origin of the prostitutes?
Again I have lifted the following data from this report:
Research based on case studies (of victims of trafficking in human beings in 3 EU Member States)
(but originally it was from this report, but it's in Dutch:
Mobiliteit in de Nederlandse prostitutie )

(Van Mens en Van der Helm, 2000)
32%:The Netherlands
22%:Latin America/Caribbean
19%:Central- and Eastern Europe (mostly Polish and Czech)
13%:Sub Sahara Africa
6%:Other EU-countries
5%:North Africa

There's also information by Licia Brussa (in 'Migrant prostitutes in the Netherlands' in 'A vindication of the rights of whores' Edited by Gail Pheterson, 1989) from a pilot investigation in Amsterdam in 1985: she estimated that, depending on the location, between 30 and 60 percent of the prostitutes in the Netherlands were from South America, South East Asia and Africa. Between 40 and 50 percent of the foreign prostitutes were illegal.

According to TAMPEP in their report: 'TAMPEP - analysis - the first year : 1993/1994' (page 37) 70 percent of the prostitutes in window prostiution and sex clubs in the Netherlands were migrants from outside the EU. However, they stress that very few foreigners work in street prostitution, private apartments or escort services. Most likely, according to TAMPEP, the Dutch (as well as the Surinamese, Antillian and Northern African) prostitutes prefer to work in the more hidden forms of prostitution.

In the study 'Er gaat iets veranderen in de prostitutie' (Liesbeth Venicz, Ine Vanwesenbeeck, 2000) prostitutes were asked how many foreign prostitutes worked on their workplace (page 33). On average the percentage was 48,6%. The percentage of estimated forced prostitutes was more than 10% (the median laid around 10%).

Types of prostitution
According to the mr A de Graaf foundation and the sticting SOA-bestrijding the prostitutes (in 1999 in 18 cities) where distributed over the several types of prostitution as followed:

45%:Clubs and “privé-huizen”(a “privé-huis”=’private house’ is essentially a club without a bar)
5%:At the prostitute’s home
10%:Other forms of prostitution (massage parlors, sexshops, etc...)

An older distribution is from the 'Nationaal Centrum voor Aids Bestrijding' (in 'Aids en prostitutie 1990', 1990):
30%:Clubs and brothels (probably also the 'privé-huizen')
30%:Window prostitution
15%:Own home

Child Prostitution
According to Liesbeth Venicz and Ine Vanwesenbeeck there were an estimated 1000-1500 prostitutes younger than 18 on a yearly basis based on information gathered between Januari 1996 and July 1998. (see the report: 'Aard en omvang van (gedwongen) prostitutie onder minderjarige (allochtone) meisjes', 1998)

Human trafficking
Also the estimated number of victims of human trafficking varies heavily.
I use this source:
Mensenhandel in Nederland 1997-2000

2000-3000 victims according to Sietske Altink (1996)
1000 according to Marjan Wijers (1997)
5000-7000 victims from Central and Eastern Europe ALONE according to KT NON & IPIT, (1997) [they mean the report "Mensenhandel vanuit Centraal- en Oost Europa" or in English "Human trafficking from Central and Eastern Europe", Nijverdal : IRT-NON, 1997, ISBN 90-76089-01-9. Funny thing is that I actually read the report and I didn't find the estimate of 5000-7000!!!!! They actuall say 500 Eastern European forced prostitutes at each moment and 2000 on a yearly basis. They estimate that 25% of the Eastern European prostitutes are forced, based on eyewitness reports.]
At least 3500 according to Essy van Dijk (2002, which is actually the same report: Mensenhandel in Nederland 1997-2000)

I now know this number (3500) which is commonly cited is a mistake. In the report (Mensenhandel in Nederland 1997-2000) she explains how she arrives at that number. Look at page 123-124. There were 203 victims who reported the crime in 2000. She estimates that 24 percent of the victims report the crime and she assumes that of all victims 75 percent are expelled before they could report the crime in the first place. Therefore she multiplies 203 by 100/24 and then by 4 (=3383). The latter assumption is clearly wrong. Not all illegal prostitutes are expelled (many are not), and not all victims of human trafficking are illegal. She also forgot to include the victims who were already victim at the start of the year. I actually did my own attempt to calculate the number of victims in this post:
Goals, methodology and conclusions

In what types off prostitution are all the victims of human trafficking employed?
Is use this source:
Trafficking in Human Beings (Supplementary figures, Fourth report of the Dutch National Rapporteur)

There’s information derive from police-investigations. It turns out that most prostitutes work in licensed establishments, which is a shame really:
A total of 54 sex establishments were involved in the successfully completed investigations into THB [in 2003], of which 19 were unlicensed. In 2002 this figure was 140, 38 of which were unlicensed.

Some more details:Third report by the National rapporteur Human Trafficking
(…) Among the 666 arrested suspects there are 64 proprietors of primarily - partially legal - clubs and brothels. The percentage of proprietors among the suspects remained virtually the same from 1999: about 10%. Many of the arrested proprietors (53, or 83% were ‘referred’ to the PPS.
As well as the criminal prosecution of proprietors of sex establishments, there is also the possibility for an ‘administrative procedure’: imposing administrative measures (sanctions). It has been examined for 2002 how often this occurred. In that year, a total of 140 prostitution establishments were involved in 46 of the successfully completed investigations into THB. Of these 140 establishments, 38 (27%) were unlicensed (partly because some municipalities had not yet properly organized their licensing procedures). [footnote at the bottom of that page: “It concerned 69 clubs, of which 16 (23%) were unlicensed, 52 window brothels of which 12 (23%) were unlicensed, 12 escort services of which 6 (50%) were unlicensed and 4 other businesses without licenses (Turkish coffee houses in all cases). It is unknown for 9 prostitution establishments (4 clubs, 3 window brothels and 2 escort services) whether they possessed a license.”] (…)

PS: notice that most of the human trafficking in brothels takes place in licensed brothels, and that even many window-brothels have still not been licensed. It must be admitted though that 9 investigations also concerned off-venue prostitution (like street prostitution).

It is also surprising than many victims of human trafficking work in window prostitution. (notice that app. 20% op ALL prostitutes works in window-prostitution) ... more numbers:
Fourth report of the Dutch National Rapporteur (Supplementary figures)

Victims of THB may be put to work in various sectors of prostitution, such as window prostitution, clubs/brothels/private homes, the escort sector and street prostitution. Table 3.11 shows which prostitution sectors were involved in the cases of THB that were investigated. Since victims may be put to work in several sectors, the percentages do not add up to 100%.

In the period 2000-2003 the distribution was as followed:
44%:Window prostitution
21%:Street Prostitution

In 2003 the number of investigations that concerned window and club prostitution declined. The number of investigations focusing on the escort sector remained relatively constant, whereas the number of investigations into street prostitution increased relatively slightly. Businesses that (also) engage in running sexual services in the guise of another type of business are included in Table 3.11 in the category ‘other’. In 2003, as in 2002, these involved prostitution in Turkish cafes. In addition, in 2003 victims were prostituted in a beauty salon.

Hey, but that’s funny!! Isn’t it? According to popular belief forced prostitutes are supposed to work in the illegal domain, notably in street-prostitution!!! This turns out to be far from the truth.

The Dutch Foundation against Trafficking in Women has released new numbers over the whole year of 2006 (see http://www.mensenhandel.nl/). It is interesting that contrary to earlier years they also registered the sector where victims worked. The numbers (in case of prostitution) are like this (the total number of victims in 2006 was 579 of whom 30 were men):
124 (21,5%) : Brothel/club
66 (11,5%) : window prostitution
47 (8,1%) : Privéhuis **
44 (7,6%) : Street prostitution
30 (5,2%) : Escort

(**: A privéhuis is a brothel without a bar, clients are directly introduced to the prostitutes)

Also some 4,9% of the cases involved sectors other than prostitution. In the remaining cases (41%) the sector was probably unknown (the foundation is unclear about that). The National rapporteur mentions in her fifth report (Dutch version) that the Foundation Against Trafficking in Women also registers victims who worked at home ('thuiswerk' in Dutch). On page 70 she says that in 2005 424 victims were registered of whom 8 (2%) worked at home, 167 (39%) not, and for 249 (59%) victims it is unknown.

So, following the numbers of the Foundation Against Trafficking in Women, clubs and privéhuizen are 2,6 times more often involved than window prostitution. That's what you could expect of prostitution in general.

According to police reports human trafficking in legal brothels is rare. If refer to these reports (in Dutch unfortunately):
Korpsmonitor 2003
Korpsmonitor 2004

I quote from the last report I cited:
The results of the Korpsmonitor 2003 confirm the presumption that punishable forms of exploitation happen particularly in the non-licensed part of the business. In the supervised licensed prostitution businesses hardly any abuses were encountered. Here it seems that the reorganization intended by legalization - in the municipalities who have settled their administrative supervision and their administrative sanctioning - is taking place in the mean time.

I don't understand this contradiction.

Most common nationalities in the period 2000-2003:
6%:Russian Federation
5%:The Netherlands
51%:Others (more details in the report)

Regions of origin of (possible) victims registered by the STV, in the period 2000-2003
47%:Central- and Eastern Europe
3%:Latin America and the Carribean
6%:Western Europa (including the Netherlands)
1%:Middle East

You see, that there are a relatively few Dutch victims of human trafficking. There are also relatively few Polish victims, although a large proportion of the East-European prostitutes come from Poland. There are also very few victims from Latin America, though there are many Latin American prostitutes in the Netherlands.

But this doesn’t mean for instance that Dutch prostitutes are less likely to be trafficked. The Scharlaken Koord, a small Christian organisation who helps prostitutes on de Wallen states that the large majority (~87%) of the Dutch window prostitutes have been introduced into prostitution by a loverboy. This is confirmed to me by 2 (former) window-prostitutes. They said that indeed most of the Dutch women were introduced into prostitution by a loverboy, but they stressed that most of them get rid of the pimp within a very short while and then start to work for themselves. This is also confirmed by the Willem Plompe Institute (Frank Bovenkerk) who is doing a study on prostitutes: Most of the Dutch women were initially a victim of human trafficking, but most of those women are now independent. They continue working in prostitution because of debts or shame or they got used to the high earnings.

But all this information is heavily outdated. Early 2004 countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined the European Union. Prostitution from those countries are not illegal here anymore. Many people seem to forget that. Furthermore the percentage of Dutch women working in prostitution has drastically increased!! (At least, that's what I believe. Another possibility is that the total number of foreign prostitutes has decreased.)

I have done my own research. I have analyzed more than 3000 prostitutes reviewed on a Dutch consumers-site for prostitute-clients (hookers.nl). And I discovered something funny. A large proportion of the prostitutes is Dutch!!!(~50%) Furthermore, I count hardly any African prostitutes (numbers which are contradicted by more recent statistics from the TAMPEP 7-report [2007] which states that 15% of prostitutes in the Netherlands are African, see page 66). Notice that 1 out of 3 victims of human trafficking comes from this part of the globe. Funny thing is that the nationalities which are most common in the statistics of the Foundation Against the Trafficking in women are very rare among the total population of prostitutes. There are hardly any Bulgarian, Romanian and Russian prostitutes. There are so few prostitutes coming from these countries that the commonly accepted estimate that 20 percent of the prostitutes in the Netherlands is a victim of human trafficking becomes doubtful.

But I have recently found a solution to that problem. I turns out that the victims are exploited by the perpetrators for only a "very short" while, that is 3 months on average. At least, that's what the researchers in the report "Mensenhandel vanuit Centraal- en Oost-Europa" [Human trafficking from Central and Eastern Europe] (IPIT & IRT Noord en Oost Nederland, 1997) say. That means that if it is true that there are app. 5000 victims of human trafficking in the Netherlands on a yearly basis, it could by "only" a 1000 on any given moment. The prostitutes who are not enslaved as a group have a much lower replacement-rate.

Hmmmmm, notice though that the European Union Report (Research based on case studies) shows different numbers (see page 290/291). In this report the victims are exploited for more than a year on average. And a recent analysis (by myself) of all the trafficking cases I know of suggests an average period of 1,72 (±0,44) years (I know periods of some 114 cases). Dutch victims are exploited significantly longer than foreign victims. For Dutch victims I find: 2,25 (±0,65) years based on 57 cases. And for foreign victims I find: 1,17 (±0,60) years based on 54 cases.

Here's some of my information:

Country of origin of the prostitutes (2005)
Notice though that I have counted some immigrants who are Dutch citizens as foreign. It is very difficult to make the distinction. For instance, by far most Surinamese, Antillean, Indonesian, Moroccan and Turkish prostitutes are Dutch citizens.

As a matter of fact, I think most of the prostitutes have a Dutch citizenship.

I counted 3592 prostitutes of who some 2759 the countries of origin were revealed. I have made some adjustments though, because for many prostitutes the only information there is is that they come, for instance from "Eastern Europe". So these numbers are really rough. And I recently discovered (March 16, 2006) that many "Italian" prostitutes actually could be Albanians or Bulgarians (often they say to the clients they are from Italy). Same for the Greek prostitutes. And perhaps the Spanish and Portuguese prostitutes are in fact Latin Americans. And many Surinamese prostituse actually could be from the Netherlands Antilles, because clients don't make that distinction.

And actually, some foreign prostitutes have worked in the Netherlands for quit some time, and speak the Dutch language very well, so clients could believe they are Dutch.

42,8% Netherlands
17,2% Eastern Europe
17,0% Latin America
12,0% Western countries (not including the Netherlands)
7,2% Asia
3,8% Africa

percentage - (number of...) - country, beware... the percentages are "adjusted" because there are a lot of "unknown" countries (I eliminated the "Eastern Europeans" and the "Latinas" etc....). The numbers thus don't correspond to the percentages. Obviously those numbers are rubbish, but look how many nationalities there are among prostitutes. I count more than 70. I recently discovered that I have missed the massage parlors. Most women who work there are Thai. I believe therefore believe that after the Dutch nationality, the Thai nationality is the most common. I estimate it could be something like 10% (instead of the 4.6%)

42,8% (1463) Netherlands
5,6% (100) Poland
4,7% (100) Surinam
4,6% (132) Thailand
3,9% (134) Germany
3,4% (72) Dominican Republic
3,3% (71) Brazil
2,6% (46) Czech Republic
2,5% (49) Spain
2,1% (37) Russia
2,0% (42) Colombia
1,7% (59) Belgium
1,6% (29) Bulgaria
1,5% (26) Hungaria
1,4% (29) Venezuela
1,3% (26) Greece
1,3% (38) Indonesia
1,2% (42) Morocco
1,2% (24) Italy
0,9% (13) Ghana
0,9% (16) Lithuania
0,8% (14) Ukraine
0,7% (15) Netherlands Antilles
0,6% (11) Rumania
0,6% (10) (former) Yugoslavia
0,5% (9) Slovakia
0,4% (15) France
0,4% (6) Nigeria
0,4% (13) Turkey
0,3% (7) Jamaica
0,3% (6) Portugal
0,3% (6) Cuba
0,3% (8) China
0,2% (7) Philippines
0,2% (4) Albania
0,2% (3) South Africa
0,2% (4) Ecuador
0,2% (4) Mexico
0,2% (4) Argentina
0,2% (5) Hindustani (Surinamese Indians)
0,2% (3) Latvia
0,1% (5) Tunesia
0,1% (2) Gambia
0,1% (2) Liberia
0,1% (2) Sierra Leone
0,1% (2) Cape Verde
0,1% (3) Puertoe Rico
0,1% (3) Costa Rica
0,1% (2) Estonia
0,09% (3) Egypt
0,09% (3) Denmark
0,07% (1) Cameroon
0,07% (1) Mauretania
0,07% (1) Angola
0,06% (2) Finland
0,06% (2) England
0,06% (1) Czechnya
0,06% (1) Armenia
0,05% (1) Peru
0,05% (1) Panama
0,04% (1) Vietnam
0,04% (1) Pakistan
0,04% (1) South Africa
0,04% (1) Taiwan
0,03% (1) Algeria
0,03% (1) Sweden
0,03% (1) Scotland
0,03% (1) Ireland
0,03% (1) Iceland
0,03% (1) Switzerland
0,03% (1) Australia
0,03% (1) Syria
0,03% (1) Iraq
0,03% (1) Palestine

see also, part 2

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A top attraction build on oppression

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(sorry, there's a typo in the header)

Hey, this time is wasn’t necessary to translate the article myself. I’ve kindly copied this article (without permission) from:

Funny thing about this article is that Ruth Hopkins is quoted as saying that most of the prostitutes on de Wallen are a victim of human trafficking. Yet, she has later ridiculed the thought about closing down the red-light-district!!!(not in this article) This is mind boggling to me.

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A Top Attraction Build on Oppression

Profile: Prostitutes at de Wallen are often victim of a modern form of slavery

It looks fun, the red lights and the smiling girls. But the windows in the Red Light District in Amsterdam hide a lot of misery. But the city council and the police don't always want to know.

Menno van Dongen

Amsterdam, December 3, 2005, De Volkskrant

Forced sex, trafficking in women, abuse. There is a lot wrong at de Wallen in Amsterdam. One after the other critical report appears about the Red Light District. The much-praised romanticism of days past is gone.

Certainly after Lodewijk Asscher, front man of the PvdA in Amsterdam, focused attention on it by accidentally suggesting that he wanted to shut down de Wallen. That is not the case, but according to him window prostitution is a form of 'modern slavery' that needs to be discouraged.

Right into the seventies the atmosphere at the Red Light District had been easy-going. The prostitutes were predominantly Dutch and had themselves protected by relatively decent criminals such as Frits van de Wereld and Haring Arie [nicknames]. That has changed. Foreign women work behind the windows nowadays and tough traffickers rule.

De Wallen have 180 official sex businesses, with a couple of thousand prostitutes. The relatively small area - the sex businesses are located in some twenty streets - is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. Every year a couple of million people visit it. Only the canal round trip boats attract more visitors.

At first sight de Wallen seem peaceful. But that is only appearance, says Ruth Hopkins, who researched human trafficking for five years, in Amsterdam among other places. She recently published a book on this study. 'You see many young women behind the windows, who look all right en are smiling to passers-by. But behind the surface there's a lot of misery.

Ever since the lifting of the brothel ban, in 2000, prostitution is legal. It didn't lead to better working conditions. Some women work freely and independently, but they are a minority, says Hopkins. Many women are exploited behind the scenes. 'Pimps keep very precise check on how many clients a prostitute gets. And they take care that she hands over all the money she earns.'

The working conditions of the foreign women are often bad, also Anneke Bouwman of HVO-Querido in Amsterdam says- she assists victims of human trafficking. 'Women are forced to have sex with clients or to do so without a condom. If they don't obey their pimp, they get abused.'

Prostitutes rarely report their pimps to the police. Many foreign women are under threat and too frightened to talk to the police. Dutch prostitutes often have a relationship with the man who is exploiting them.

Representatives of prostitutes and business-owners find that the portrayed image of de Wallen is over negative. 'Many people have preconceptions,' says Mariska Majoor, the founder of the Prostition Information Center. 'A friend of a prostitution is not necessarily a pimp. The police often will regard him as such, because they assume that a good man wouldn't allow his wife behind the windows. That is rubbish.'

But there is more wrong at de Wallen. The area is in the hands of a small group of criminals, Asscher suggested this week. He pointed to a building that was owned by the recently murdered John Mieremet. Several sources have affirmed to Volkskrant that porn-entrepreneur 'fat' Charles Geerts purchased many buildings at de Wallen. Geerts often is linked to big drugs criminals, but he was never sentenced.

Prostitution has always been a shady branch. But when sex businesses became legal, abuses were supposed to be remedied by the police. 'That did not happen,' says Hopkins. 'Prostitutes have to show their papers all the time to show whether they are illegal or underage. But other than that the police is far too lame.'

Criminologist Frank Bovenkerk comes to the same conclusion. 'Amsterdam does not put the slightest obstacle in the modern pimp's way.' The city council denies that. Mayor Cohen wants the Attorney General Donner to investigate the abuses in the sex industry.

But the city council could do more. 'When prostitutes finally muster the courage to report their abuse, nothing at all is done,' states Hopkins, 'it has no priority. That is the real problem at de Wallen: the indifference of the authorities.

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Legal prostitution in Nevada[2]

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Several quotes from a very interesting book written by a former brothel-madam (Lora Shaner), "Madam, inside a Nevada Brothel"(2001).

She wasn't a prostitute herself, but she previously had a job in journalism. Funny thing is that she is a strong supporter of legal prostitution, but instead tells horrific stories about the women in the brothels. Some even work for pimps while she knows about it!!! She even sees women who work for pimps in legal brothels as "independent contractors" because after all, they can refuse customers.

One common "mythconception" about prostitutes is that they hate men, that they were abused early in life and now. In retaliation, take pleasure in rendering men defenseless-making them gasp, pant, and grunt in the throes of lust. Though this isn't true of all prostitutes, some women, who well remember their own defenselessness as victims of men's lust, rage, or contempt, do rejoice that they are now the ones in control. They feel a sense of power in their abilities to manipulate sex-hungry men to give up large amounts of money in return for the sexual acts other men forced on them in childhood. These women bubble with joy when their daily take breaks the thousand dollar mark. It's likely that their pleasure springs not so much from the money they've eamed as trom the temporary boost it gives their self-esteem. (Their services must have value if so many men are willing to pay so much for them!) Whatever antipathy prostitutes may feel toward the male gender, however, is overwhelmed by their intense need for a special man in their lives-someone they can love and trust who will, at least, pretend to love them in return and thus provide them with some ongoing sense of personal worth, no matter how fragile. And therein lies the fantasy (of being loved for themselves) and the puzzle (why do they choose the men they do?). Early on, prostitutes develop a sixth sense about men. Unlike many of their less experienced straight sisters, they know at a glance which are the good guys and which are the rotten bastards. It's an ability they put to profitable use at the brothel every time they close their bedroom doors behind some horny stranger, knowing precisely what buttons to push to get maximum cash. They mold their acts around their audience and it usually works. Amazingly, though, most prostitutes don't use the skill to size up men in their personal lives. Knowing a man is a despicable sonofabitch may send up a red flag, but almost all of the girls respond to it much the same way a bull responds to a red cape. There seems to be a fascination among prostitutes, especially those who support pimps, for arrogant, greedy, and dangerous men. Nice guys bore these women. The psychology behind it is unfathomable. One school of thought is that they've been victimized by such men all of their lives and are strangely comfortable with them. At least they always know what to expect. On the other hand, one would think that after a lifetime of abuse at the hands of sociopaths, they'd run from them as they would from a king cobra. But they don't. They fall for them over and over again. I overhear the girls on the pay phone in the hallway and listen to the stories they tell about the men in their personal lives. Whether these stories, like others they tell, are factual or fabricated is beside the point. I only know that I'm constantly amazed by how easily (and often) so many of them tell me that they've "fallen in love." They leave the brothel for a week's vacation and come back filled to the brim with girlish glee over some man they met in a bar, grocery, laundromat, shopping mail, Disneyland, Sea World, SixFlags over Somewhere... These love affairs tend to be fleeting. The lover learns of the girls occupation and dumps her. During her next vacation the girl meets another guy she likes better and dumps the last one. Occasionally, the lover learns of the girl's occupation and becomes her pimp. Few prostitutes have the knowledge, ability, or motivation to get out into the real world and take care of themselves, their kids, and their lives on their own. So many seem to need a man to love them and, as are suit, to direct them. These women have a fragile sense of self. Only the belief that they are loved by a man, no matter how abusive, gives them validation. The same is probably true of the great majority of women everywhere who believe they need a man in order to be complete. Consider how diligently many married women, regardless of rank or station in life, work at matchmaking for their single friends once they, themselves, have "snagged a man." As Kipling said:

"The Colonel's Lady an' Judy O'Grady Are sisters under their skins!"

The girls spend a lot of their spare time on the phone talking to their men. I've overheard countless one-sided conversations. Inquiries into the health and welfare of parents and children, lively interest in the men's activities, questions about the homestead, animals, neighbors, gardens, and weather have kept phone lines busy from Pahrump to Paramus. I've also heard girls talk to their men about nothing but how much money they've made so far this trip, how much more they hope to make before their time off, and how they intend to get the money to their pimp-boyfriends, pimp-husbands, and plain (no-euphemism) pimps. On weekly paydays, which are also "doctor days," many of the girls rush from their medical exams to the local Western Union office to wire large amounts of cash to men as close as Los Angeles and as far away as Vermont. Sometimes the girls hang up the phone in tears--either of longing for their homes and families or of pain after a vicious diatribe from their pimps who are not pleased with the amount of their earnings. Invariably, whether their men speak to them affectionately or bitterly, whether the women float down the hall on the Love Boat or burst into tears, they declare their undying love before they hang up. And yet, with all of their man-dependency and obedience, brothel prostitutes are not wimps. How could they be? They know who and what they are and announce it publicly every time they stand in a line offering sexual services to men they neither know nor care about. Forget morality--that's a meaningless term that's not in the brothel phrase book. Simply consider the guts it takes to do what they do. Think of the strength of purpose that keeps the ones who make it in the business sane and centered in the face of strong social condemnation.These women are prostitutes, but they're not cowards. They take money for services rendered but, with few exceptions, they don't take any crap - not from each other, not from customers, not from management. Again, the women only take it from the men they love, some of whom beat and abuse them. Don't try to analyze it. It's beyond comprehension.

Another quote:
Almost every civilized society has established rules to regulate sexual behavior. Religious beliefs, polities, socioeconomic factors, educational levels, sexual orientation drug and alcohol use, and a dozen other influences are brought to bear upon how we behave sexually and what is considered acceptable, perverted, or criminal. In the less rigid cultures, rules change along with the times. American attitudes toward sex are, in comparison with other Western countries, quite puritanical. While prostitution, for example, is condoned or at least countenanced in many other parts of the world, it is strongly condemned in the United States. Even in Nevada where brothels are legal, residents of nearby towns prefer to ignore their existence--until various community organizations need to raise funds; then the brothels are among their most lucrative sources. I continue to be amazed at the number and variety of local "causes" that approach the brothel to solicit money. It's a widely held public perception in this country: Prostitutes are scum-of-the-earth low-life wretches who wilt do anything for money, no matter how disgusting, depraved, or dangerous. (Some will. And some supermarket clerks and corporate executives will too.) The fact is that prostitutes, like all other women, are willing to perform some sex acts and unwilling to perform others. Street prostitutes who have pimps looking over their shoulders, ready to beat them if they turn down a trick regardless of the nature of the act solicited, are less likely to have a choice. On the other hand, brothel prostitutes, even those who have pimps outside the brothel, can pick and choose the activities in which they will participate. Their pimps won't know if they turn down a trick. Girls who work in Nevada brothels are free agents. Each is an independent contractor who sets her own limits. When a new girl comes to work at Sheri's, she's given a menu on which she indicates what brothel activities she will and will not do. Each activity is listed on a separate page. The girl examines the menu and signs her name only on the pages listing the activities in which she is willing to take part. Management respects her choices. We never try to persuade her to do anything she doesn't want to do.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Legal prostitution in Nevada

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I want to quote from this very interesting book written by Alexa Albert about legal prostitution in Nevada (USA, okay, this time it's not the Netherlands), “Brothel, Mustang Ranch and its women”(2001).

She lived for a while among the brothel prostitutes to study them. Funny thing is that Alexa Albert is a supporter of legal prostitution, yet she makes some very shocking revelations about women working for pimps in these brothels. One of the advantages of legal prostitution was supposed to be that women wouldn't "need" the "protection" of pimps against clients and the police.

Notice that Joe Conforte is the owner of the Mustang Ranch and that George Flint is the head of the Nevada Brothel Association.

The Mustang Ranch was closed down in 1999 (because of tax evasion).


It was clear that the women working in Nevada's brothels represented a distinct group. Fewer than half of Mustang's prostitutes had sold sex outside the brothels, whether "on the track" (the street) or through escort or outcall services. Although it wasn't unusual for streetwalkers to give Nevada brothels a try as a respite from the streets, George Flint figured that under 10 percent of the brothels' regular prostitutes were former streetwalkers. He speculated that the reason was the brothels' extensive rules and obligatory confinement: "True street girls can't make the adjustment. Every one of them fails. Maybe they're too accustomed to their independence. Or the fact that they choose their customers, their customers don't choose them."One trait common to most of Mustang's women was financial hardship. Since Donna's husband was unemployable, or claimed to be, someone needed to earn a living for the family; she had only a high school education and manager work experience, and he convinced her she had few options. This was a pattern I saw frequently-women who had ended up at Mustang Ranch to provide for loved ones. Instead of lacking family values, as moralists contended, most of the women I came to know there possessed a profound sense of personal responsibility and an unwavering commitment to their families that ultimately drove them to do this "immoral" work. Almost every woman was financially supporting someone else-often her husband, sometimes other family members. Carrie, a prostitute in her early thirties, was taking care of her mother, who had turned her out more than a decade ago. With raven-black hair down to her buttocks, Carrie bore an uncanny resemblance to Morticia Addams, a likeness enhanced by the black dress she always ware: tight-fitting, low-cut, long, and sheer. Forbidden to return home until she earned the quota her mother set, Carrie was frequently forced to remain at Mustang for weeks on end. Then there was Ivy, whose mother-in-law had packed up her bags and loaded them in the car before announcing that she had freeloaded off her husband's family long enough her mother-in-law was taking her to Mustang Ranch to get a job.It wasn't always families that the women subsidized; all too frequently, pimp boyfriends had manipulated them. The women didn't admit this to me readily, however. In fact, the subject of pimps didn't come up until I met Brittany, a thirty-one-year-old with a sweet, wholesome face devoid of any makeup, and a pageboy haircut. Instead of the standard brothel "eye patch" bikini top, which barely covered the nipples, and matching "tulip" shorts, cut to expose both buttocks cheeks, Brittany stuck with knee-length cocktail dresses. I couldn't get over how much she resembled an old high school friend of mine. Brittany kept her distance from me for a couple of days, then approached me one afternoon in the Mustang bar. To break the ice, I asked her how the brothels had changed over the eleven years she had worked in them. She mentioned how the previously obligatory three weeks on/one week off work schedule had been relaxed, and how the house minimums had gone up from $30 when she started to $100. And of course, she said, the brothels used to require women to have pimps. Startled, I asked her to repeat herself. I had assumed one of the benefits of legalized prostitution was the elimination of pimps.Realizing that no one had yet let me in on this well-kept dirty secret, Brittany reiterated that the brothels used to require women to have pimps before they were hired. The rationale was simple. The involvement of pimps enabled brothel owners to leave discipline to men who wouldn't hesitate to keep their women in line. Brittany said it wasn't unusual for an owner like Joe Conforte to collect all the pimps' phone numbers, and call them whenever a girl misbehaved to come "straighten her out real quick." All too frequently, Brittany said, "straightening out" involved brute force. Owners also benefited from the pimps' relentless demands that the women earn more and more money.Meanwhile, pimps found much appeal in placing their prostitutes in Nevada's brothels, despite having to relinquish half of the women's earnings to owners. For one, the pimps could be assured their prostitutes would be supervised and attended to. Once extricated from the burdens inherent to managing working girls illegally, these men were free to seduce other women into the trade. A pimp could keep track of his prostitute's business simply by calling the brothel and speaking with the cashier or a manager, who freely disclosed the women's earnings. He frequently kept abreast of his prostitutes' daily conduct by putting all his working girls together in the same brothel and encouraging them to snitch on one another.Even though the brothels no longer required women to have pimps, many of Mustang's working girls still did, confided Brittany in a hushed tone. How many women? I asked, incredulous. Brittany glanced quickly around the room and let out a sigh before replying that almost all the girls did, in her opinion. Those without pimps, she said, included herself, Baby, Dinah, and a few others. With disbelief, I briefly surveyed the room. Why on earth would these legal prostitutes need pimps? Off the unsafe streets, they surely didn't need a pimp's protection. Weren't the women already giving up a significant portion of their money to the house? The brothels functioned as stand-in pimps. Most of the women had portrayed themselves as tough and independent-minded women who viewed prostitution simply as a job, a way to earn a living. I hadn't detected any signs of coercion. And I had never heard any of the other women talking about pimps.Brittany wasn't surprised to learn this. None of the women would've wanted to admit aloud to being exploited, to giving up their hard-earned money to a man when the brothel already extracted half their earnings. Moreover, Brittany said, most of these women denied that their pimps were pimps, considering them "boyfriends" and "friends." She had reason to know, she said; she'd once had a pimp herself. "God forbid if you ever called him a pimp. It wasn't even in your vocabulary. It was like a bad word," she said. "But as far as I'm concerned, if you're sending your money to a man who wouldn't be with you if you weren't sending him money, then he's not your boyfriend, he's your pimp. Still, it took me a year after I left Bobby to be able to call him my pimp."By now, Brittany had settled into the bar stool next to me, completely absorbed in recounting her story, raising her voice occasionally to be heard over Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" blasting from the jukebox. Whenever the doorbell rang, Brittany ducked her head below the counter of the bar so as not to be caught skipping lineup by Blanche, the floor maid. Brittany's behavior further substantiated my sense that management didn't actually respect women's status as independent contractors. I also wondered if brothel management would be angry with Brittany for revealing that owners once collaborated with pimps and fostered prostitutes' dependence upon them. Frankly, Brittany's candidness surprised me, especially if, as she said, having a pimp bore such a social stigma. It was as if Brittany wanted to get this secret off her chest and had picked me to bear witness.Hers was the classic story of being caught by a pimp, she said. At the age of eighteen, shortly after graduating from a Catholic high school, she met Bobby while working as a bank teller. He spent three months actively pursuing her, wining and dining her and lavishing her with bouquets and gifts, always acting the gentleman to win her affection. Brittany was flattered by all this attention from a thirty-year-old, and soon he had seduced her. Then one night over dinner, Bobby announced he needed some money-he had started running out especially because of all he had spent wooing her. To maintain their standard of living, Brittany began charging their expenses and soon accrued a credit card bill of $20,000. When she told Bobby of her debt, his response was a cold-blooded "How are you going to pay that off?" Then, for the first time, he mentioned prostitution. Specifically, he told her she should consider going to Nevada to work in a legal brothel. At first, Brittany adamantly refused. She had been raised in a religious family and could never sell her body. But over time, as her debt accumulated and Bobby kept encouraging her to prostitute, she began to waver. She didn't give in until he finally issued an ultimatum: either she start prostituting or he would leave her. "Why should I be with you if you're not doing anything for me?" he asked her. Afraid of losing him, Brittany finally submitted.Using both guilt and the pretense of love, pimps baited and coaxed women to turn out, Brittany said. Sadly, they rarely reciprocated women's love in any genuine way. Brittany explained that pimps like Bobby typically used insincere promises of fidelity to placate their prostitutes while continuing to philander in attempts to catch and turn out additional women. Most pimps strove to establish a stable of women off whom they could profit. By arranging for his prostitutes to work staggered three-week schedules in the brothels, so that only one would be home at any given time, a man could fool each woman into believing she was his one and only. Prostitutes who were aware of the existence of others competed ferociously to win their pimp's favor. Many pimps exacerbated the women's rivalry, pitting them against one another with the prospect that one prostitute would eventually win out and the two of them together would reap the benefits of all the other girls' work. There was even an expression for this coveted position: "bottom bitch."But Brittany knew only one woman who had claimed victory and ended up with her pimp: her friend April, who had retired off the floor, or quit prostituting, thirteen years earlier and now worked as a night floor maid at Mustang Ranch. One night April opened up to me and confessed that even though she'd prevailed and had been married for over eighteen years to her former pimp, the road had been tough. "I was bitter about my experience," she said. "I couldn't forget those early years. It had been very difficult to share my man with other women. Even after we'd been out of the business and out of the life for a while, he was always looking to catch one girl and to keep her for a couple of months to make some quick money. I had a big problem with that because I didn't want to share him anymore."More typically, relationships between prostitutes and pimps ended the way Brittany's had. After almost three years of financial exploitation and some physical abuse, Brittany finally admitted to herself that Bobby was using her. But when she announced her intention to part ways, Bobby said she would have to leave all her possessions behind, regardless of the fact that she had helped him amass eight cars, several homes, and jewelry. In the end, she said, she barely got out of their house with the clothes on her back. With nowhere else to go, nothing to show for her years of work, and not enough confidence to try anything else, Brittany returned to Nevada's brothels, only this time as an "outlaw," a prostitute without a pimp. She had been working independently now for nearly eight years.Although the brothel industry no longer worked in collusion with pimps, Brittany felt outraged that owners and management didn't do more to rid the business of pimps altogether. Instead, the brothels maintained a hands-off policy, perhaps not wanting to deprive themselves of the constant supply of prostitutes still furnished by pimps. Law enforcement officials in Oregon, where for some reason many of today's West Coast pimps allegedly originate, estimate that pimps in the Eugene-Springfield area have over forty women working in Nevada's brothels who regularly send tens of thousands of dollars back home. When I asked George about this, the next time he drove out to Mustang to check on me, he downplayed it. Rather perfunctorily, he said it was a shame that the women had pimps, and it was nothing the brothel industry was proud of. He could no more understand why the Women would give up their money to pimps, he said, than he could understand why the women tended to date ex-cons. (His question was a good one-why were some women emotionally vulnerable to such men and other women not?)Brittany and the few others like her who had broken free of pimps tried to warn women who had them that they would eventually be left with nothing to show for their years of hard work. Occasionally, a woman took her colleagues' words to heart and left her pimp, but usually the efforts were futile. Once, I witnessed a couple of women trying to encourage a working girl named Monica to leave her "old man." He was one of two infamous twins from Oregon, Henry and Harold, black men in their late twenties or early thirties who "kept" thirteen or fourteen girls apiece, all almost identical. Monica typified the look with her tall, long-legged frame, blond hair, and fresh, cover-of-Seventeen-magazine face. The women shared something else: the twins had marked all of them with identical ankle tattoos.The women tried to point out to Monica how cruel her pimp was; he forced her to work without a single day off for over five months. Didn't Monica see how he was using her? Monica resisted; Henry had trained her well. He loved her dearly, she insisted, and only wanted her to work hard so they could be together sooner. The two had plans to run away to California and start a family. When the women asked why Henry never seemed to want to see her, never visited her or flew her home to Oregon but still expected her Western Unions to be timely and bountiful, Monica started crying. Inside, she had obviously wondered the same thing. But she wouldn't dream of questioning Henry, she said, or she might lose him. She didn't know what she would do without him. Wasn't it proof enough that he loved her, Monica asked hopefully, that he cried and begged her forgiveness after fights they had over the telephone? Deep down, she said, Henry needed her, and she didn't want to disappoint him.Brittany contended that husbands like Donna's and men like Bobby and Henry and Harold were all pimps, period. Other women sharply disagreed; I found that whether or not their significant others should be regarded as pimps was a hotly contested topic among brothel prostitutes.When Brittany had decided to get married, four years earlier, she was very careful. Even though her husband, Jon, unlike her former pimp, held a full-time job as an accounts manager for a manufacturing company, Brittany knew she could easily fall back into the same old role: "He says he'd never take advantage of me like that. But I tell him he wouldn't have to. I'd let him do it, because I've been in that role before-of giving, giving, giving. It's all I know how to do." Brittany refused to combine their incomes and insisted on splitting all bills 50-50. "There's no mooching. I don't send him my money or come home and hand him my purse. My money goes directly into my checking account, and I can spend as much as I want. He doesn't ask me about my money. I'm careful not to let him cross that line."My long discussion with Brittany at the bar ended abruptly when one of her regulars found her sitting with me and asked to go back to her bedroom to "talk," the brothel euphemism for negotiating prices..................

Now another quote. The Mustang Ranch is closed down due to tax-evasion. Alexa Albert attended the closure of the brothel. I would have thought that Alexa Alberta should have turned totally against prostitution. But she ends her book with the following:

THAT NIGHT I watched the evening news in a Reno motel room as I repacked my belongings in preparation for an early flight home the next day. A short clip showed the brothel's padlocked gates. The news anchor capped the closure with a shrug and a jab: "It's just a bunch of hookers, all they have to do is find another corner to make a living on." I wanted to scream. Don't you realize that by eliminating Mustang Ranch, you don't simply displace era bunch of hookers"? You eradicate a community, a family!The brothel had provided an income as well as friendship, compassion, trust, and hope for countless women and men. In many ways, Mustang Ranch picked up where society had dropped the ball. It had provided a safe, nonjudgmental, economically sound work environment and a fair way for a community of several dozen women and their families to meet their most basic needs.Legal brothels are one alternative in dealing with prostitution. However disturbing the idea of commercial sex may be to some of us, it's naïve to believe that prostitution can ever be eliminated. The demand will be met with supply one way or another, no matter what is legislated. Turning our backs on the women (and men) who do this work may be far more immoral-even criminal-than prostitution itself. Only when we recognize and validate the work of professional prostitutes can we expect them to practice their trade safely and responsibly.My time at Mustang Ranch proved to me just how complicated human sexuality and everything about it can be, especially how it eludes total understanding. Consensual sex between adults-whether for pay or pro bono-is exactly that, consensual. As such, it's a personal and private decision. What seems universally to be true about it is our need to supercharge it politically and load it down with the heavy freight of moral issues.Baby once told me that she wanted to make it known that she and her colleagues were "okay people, too." Perhaps her point was best made in a phone call we shared not long after Mustang's closing. "I feel like I've made a difference in my clients' lives. That they can breathe easier each night. I appreciate these guys and I feel they don't see me as a hooker or prostitute, but see me as a person, as Baby. That makes me feel worthy-not only as a prostitute or working girl but as a human being."This was my experience also: seeing the women of Mustang Ranch as human beings. In a business built largely on desire and fantasy, it's easy to be deceived by our assumptions and, in doing so, overlook the humanity that's at the core of this complex and timeless profession.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006


It seems that sometimes I infringe on copyrights, read my post about "fair use".

Hi everybody!!!

I live in the Netherlands. I visited prostitutes, and thought because prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, everything would be okay. It's not. In fact, there's (probably) lots of human trafficking in the Netherlands. Foreign women are trafficked, but probable also many Dutch women too. Also the working conditions in the brothels are often not good.

This blog is focused on the question of how difficult it is for clients to seperate the "forced" prostitutes from the "voluntary" prostitutes. It is crucial in the fight against the abuses in prostitution that clients are actually aware of these problems, and that they can have the choice to be critical consumers. Unfortunately, the way prostitution is regulated the way it is in the Netherlands, it is impossible to be like that.

Many people believe that because prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, forced prostitution would only occur in the illegal domain. This is not true. As far as I can see most of the human trafficking actually happens in the legal domain.

I'm also trying to map how extensive forced prostitution in the Netherlands really is. I have read numerous reports and they are contradicting each other. Estimates of how many prostitutes are forced range between 0% to 100% of the total number of prostitutes. So this is a big problem. This uncertainty only makes it worse for clients.

Beware that my most recent opinion is that I believe that prostitution can never be regulated and that it would be wise if people didn't visit prostitutes, although I also believe that prostitution should be decriminalized.

Anyway, you can read the first part of my story here:
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And.... I also wrote a MANIFESTO and a FAQ. Here's the manifesto:
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Here's the FAQ (which means Frequently Asked Questions):

My goals, methodologies and some conclusions:
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Some vital statistics (I have to emphasise here that there are two separate links under this line, this is not one big link!):
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extra statistiscs (gathered from hookers.nl, so under this line are multiple links, this is not one big link!):
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Here's a media analysis I've done of hundreds of trafficking cases in the Netherlands:
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Some definitions of human trafficking:

Some additional info:
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I even translated some Dutch articles into English, I hope it will give you a 'positive' image about Dutch prostitution. They are a bit negative though, but I have to stress that they all cover window prostitution. That's where much of the trafficking occurs. But what these articles will show you is that legal prostitution isn't that well regulated at all!! (Anyway, if you're lazy, I want you to skip all the articles except the one by Ruth Hopkins about the slave trade on de Wallen which caused a great stir in the Dutch world of prostitution.)

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Okay, I also have some quotes from books about legal prostitution in Nevada, USA. Same problem in those brothels!!! Okay, Nevada is not in the Netherlands, but I'm having a hard time translating all those silly articles which nobody reads in the first place. A bigger blog has more hits. But what's the bottom line is that in the Nevada brothels there are women who work for pimps while the brothel owners know about it and don't stop it.
Brothel, Mustang Ranch and its women
Madam, inside a Nevada Brothel

And I also have a Dutch prostitution-blog: