Friday, September 02, 2005

Story of a Dutch pimp

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This I translated from Dutch into 'broken' English from a Dutch book about pimps, ‘loverboys, een publieke zaak’ by Anke van Dijk and Linda Terpstra['Loverboys, a public matter', 2005]

In the Netherlands, pimps who use romantic techniques to persuade girls to work as prostitutes, are called ‘loverboys’. We use that English word literally…’loverboys’.

This pimp brings a shocking revelation about window-prostitution in the Netherlands. Here are some excerpts of his story:

‘I did’t realise what we did to those girls.’

Loverboy: once, but never again.

Once, Hamids [age 22] greatest wish was to have a girl that worked for him as a prostitute. He saw how other guys made a lot of money and evoke a lot of respect. That’s why he made a pass at Laetitia, he made her dependent on him and persuaded her to work as a prostitute. Now, Hamid is imprisoned, convicted of human trafficking, confinement, kidnapping and maltreatment. Although he still believes that he didn’t break the law, he regrets what he has done to Laetitia. ‘I didn’t coerce her but I did abuse her. Because there was no coercion, I could have challenged the verdict but I didn’t. I believe that morally I was wrong indeed. That’s why I accept that I am guilty.’


‘Today it’s nearly impossible as a Moroccan to find a job in Dutch society. Economically it’s going bad. There are no jobs, let alone for Moroccans. We have a bad name and it works against us. Obviously it has a reason, but it is all exaggerated. You never hear something positive about us, that’s why we feel excluded. The result is that we visit mosques more than ever, our wives are wearing headscarves again and we are forming our own group. Politicians don’t bother about us. Instead of giving us chances, we are criminalized and driven into the arms of terrorists.’


‘You have to do a lot to impress a girl as a loverboy. You have to make sure she falls in love with you. That means you have to be well dressed. Many guys I know, have a fur collar and proprietary clothing, Versace for instance and Botticelli shoes or something. Also your pose is important, you have to make a serious and cool impression. To amplify the latter, you see a lot of guys move their neck up front. That's real pimp-style. Furthermore you got to have a beautiful car. You take your girl out, and show her that you have a lot of money and that other guys respect you. That’s all fake, but the girl doesn’t have a clue. From my experience I know that if you pick the right girl, she always falls in that trap.’
‘I didn’t have Laetitia as a girlfriend because I was in love with her, but to put her behind a window. I knew she wasn’t happy at home. She was adopted and got no love from her stepparents. Her brothers had everything, but she even had no own bedroom. They all went on vacation, and Laetitia had to stay home. She had many problems and was very unstable. Her mother told me she was a borderliner. Even before I got acquainted with her, I knew about those problems and that she was very easy about sex. To win her love, I took her with my Mercedes. I bought it with the little money I made from drugs. In the dashboard I had a pile of cash, which she saw when I refuelled. I knew she would be impressed by that. When she saw I was also very popular and how respectful other guys treated me, it was really easy to make a pass at her. Once we where together, I asked her if she wanted to work for me. At first I didn’t speak about prostitution, but I made her believe that we would start running a café together.

The first time Laetitia stood behind a window, was more or less a coincidence. A friend of mine also had a girlfriend who would be working for him. One day we went to de Wallen in Amsterdam [the red light district]. You don’t do something like that in your own town, cause you could meet acquaintances. You don’t want your friends to have sex with her or, what also happens, is that another loverboy steals her from you. On de Wallen, all kinds of windows were for rent, and we made phone-calls. Within no time we had a window. Laetitia first had to legitimize herself, but at that time she was 22 years old, so, it was no problem. Of course the landlord knew she worked for me, but why should he care? Eighty percent of the girls who work there really don’t do that for themselves but have a pimp. That’s what they call legal prostitution. The way I see it now, they should prohibit it altogether again. By legalising prostitution you play into the hands of loverboys and human traffickers.’
‘Laetitia mostly worked from eight in the evening until three o’clock at night. In the meantime I was smoking dope in a coffeeshop with other loverboys. I didn’t realise what we did to those girls. It didn’t interest me, it was all about the money. I haven’t seen other loverboys show regret either. Most I knew personally. They were all in their twenties, some were even minors. Among them were many Moroccans, Turks but also Dutch guys. Some had more than one girl. I only had Laetitia. At the end she did that work for one and a half year. The money she earned, she gave that to me. That’s the way it goes. Everybody who worked for a pimp, did that. Now it disgusts me, it is dirty money, sperm-money. That’s why I’ll never start doing that again, there isn’t any benefit.’


‘Actually you can do everything you want to as a loverboy. If you get caught, most of the time you are acquitted due to lack of evidence. Most girls don’t want to report the crime. Their boyfriend is everything. Those who do go to the police, regret that later and drop their charges. It’s sounds silly, but in their way these girls are happy with their lives. They would never had caught me, if I wasn’t so vulnerable.’


‘At the end I was sentenced to two years in jail, while I didn’t force her or misguided her. I was found guilty because I had too much authority over her. That’s why, according to the judge, she had no space to manoeuvre. So I’m still serving my sentence. A couple of months to go, and I’ll be free. Sounds funny, but I am afraid to be free. The Dutch society frightens me. Whichever way you look at it, I have the appearance of a bad Moroccan in a society that is becoming more hostile towards us. I belong to the second generation of Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands. I am not a real Moroccan anymore, but I am not Dutch either. I am struggling with my identity and I feel powerless. Should I accept that I belong to a lost generation? Or can I still be successful? What happens if I don’t find a job and live on welfare. What’s the alternative? Don’t misunderstand me, I know for sure I will never be a loverboy again who puts girls behind a window, but I need money to live. If society doesn’t give me a second chance, isn’t crime the only way out?’

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WAHASH said...

hello donkey how are ya

listen all i wanna know is if there is moroccan and turkish girls getting pimped off by these boys on the streets of holland but give me an honest answer because i find it hard to believe an arab would do that to his own women as us arabs hold our women very highly and love and care about em like our own sisters from the same vagina.If they do then ayri bi moroccans are dogs to us and under our feet.I am a Lebanese Arab from australia here there is also a big arab population primarily from lebanese descent but our women are very precious to us so there is no such thing as pimping off a lebanese muslim girl here in NSW, australia.It has just happen once in canterbury Rd in result that pimp got shot and his head cut off by lebanese muslim gangs because that sorta stuff should not happen even to innocent non muslim girls too.

Donkey said...

Don't worry. First of all, Turks are not Arabs. Many Moroccans in the Netherlands come from the Mountainous north of Morocco and are Berbers and not Arab.

Second of all, we don't know exactly how large the loverboy-phenomenon is in the Netherlands. After careful research I conclude that probably most loverboys operate in window prostitution. The number of Dutch women they exploit behind the windows is limited; app. 200. I believe the number of women they exploit as a whole is probably no more than 600. Of those a fraction are Moroccan or Turkish. A small sample of 47 Dutch victims during 1998-2003 yielded 11 Moroccan victims and 3 Turkish victims.

And... there are signs that the number of Turkish and Moroccans victims is decreasing. In 2004 a sample of 51 victims of loverboys yielded 1 Moroccan victim. But... I have to add that there were also 10 registered Moroccan victims who were trafficked by human traffickers. (silly distinction)

Turkish human traffickers mainly traffic in Eastern European women.

Most Moroccans denounce the pimping practices. They are really ashamed that this is happening. I read a Moroccan forum. One Moroccan girl was really infuriated that her nephew did this.

wahash said...

Donkey what nationality are you if u dont mind. Because if your not Middle-eastern you cant talk about who is not arab and whos not or about the heritage of these peoples.As an arab and middle-eastern i know all about the people in my region. First of all Turks in fact are from arab heritage goes back to when Sultan Osman founded the empire but in the recent 200 years the language is a mixture to countries that they have invaded such as mongol hungarian korean albanian but still has a vast variety of arabic words still in their language if some people want to be ignorant about this and pretend this never happen no worries but no one can deny that turks are primarily from the arab race with a small mixture of mongol.If u ask many of the religious and ancient turks who dont like ataturk they will admit to you about their heritage. secondly dont try and differentiate the berbers from arabs because that is nonsense the berbers are just a type of arab people in the mountains. These days people keep on comming up with cute stuff trying claim that the certain people are not from arab heritage which is pathetic.

And it doesnt matter how small in number the moroccan and turkish girls are who a pimped off on the street the fact is that it is still existent which shouldnt be happening in an arab community.I am surprised that no arab gangs up there in holland have taken these lover-boys out for humiliating and treating our sisters like shit and disgracing the name of our people.In our community that is considered weakness but i am more respective of the turkish pimps for having respect for their own women instead working those slavik lowies on the street who love their work. I also dont get why some people are branding albanian gangs east european when they are right beside italy and greece in the south of europe. They are nothing similar to the eastern europeans.

wahash said...

yeh berber were a type of people in north africa but u cannot find a pure berber in the world anymore just like what happen to the pheonicians in lebanon its all arab now. berbers mixed with arabs in history so now all the berbers in nth africa are arabs. They call them arab-berbers.

Donkey said...

My nationality is Dutch but I am of mixed Dutch and Indonesian descent.

I always thought that Turks and Berbers are different people seperate from Arab people, just like the Arabs, Iranians (Persians) and Kurds are different people.

I'm reading the wikipedia article about the Berbers and indeed, it says that most Berbers have been Arabized. It's all very complicated.

I also know that for instance after the Turkish-Greek war many Christian Turks in Turkey haven been expelled to Greece and now live there as Greeks, and... many Islamic Greeks who lived in Greece have been expelled to Turkey and now live there as Turks. Very silly.

About the Moroccans. Well... it believe it's very strange indeed why many Moroccan people whose daughters have been exploited haven't taken revenge against the Moroccan pimps. I once heard that one brother of a Moroccan girl indeed shot a Moroccan loverboy. What's possible is that many Moroccan girls have been expelled by the family already prior to meeting the pimp. What I also read is that Moroccan girls who run away from home have already lost credit with their families in the first place. But I also read that Moroccan families have taken back their prostituted daughters and secretly arranged a surgical operation to repair the hymen so she can enter marriage as a virgin.

By the way there are also small groups of Syrian pimps in the Netherlands who exploit Syrian girls.

WAHASH said...

lol well to tell you the truth iranians are not full persian anymore either they have mixed extremely with arabs infact 70% of the families in Iran speak arabic at home as their 1st language it is just the bahais that are ashamed to be called arabs.Also kurds turks arabs and iranians are all from the same race the middle eastern race they are not diff people just have diff languages now.

Yeh thats true that some families have already disowned their daughters before they become prostitutes but these families are very ignorant and looked down upon by the community because a daughter is always your daughter and a sister is always your sisters no matter what. She was born precious and she will die precious so it is our duty to look after them and if they have lost their way and did some stupid things this doesnt mean we should turn our face away and never talk to them again like she was nothing to us to begin with.We have to keep on trying to bring her back to the family and islam fix her up and that and this isnt by hitting her its by showing our love and advising her from whats right and wrong by words not fists like alot of dumb c*nts do which isnt as effective as teaching her shame on those families that kick their daughters/sisters out on the street for them to become dirt which they never are and what are these syrian girls muslim or christian? if u know

Donkey said...

I don't know if they were Christian or Muslem. I read it in a report. It happened in Twente.

Anonymous said...

"arabs infact 70% of the families in Iran speak arabic at home as their 1st language."

The only iranians that speak arabic are the ones that live along the gulf coast and the mullahs who learned it in school. Less 5% of the population. To any other Persian, being called an arab is tantamount to being called a buck-naked, camel driving, illiterate, spiritually-backward,sex crazed, piece of shit.

By the term "arab" I mean other arabic speaking people around the persian gulf.
Mediterranean countries that Arabic are excluded. This is the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

Turks and Iranians are not Arabs they might have some racial similarities to each other but they are not the same people. With the case of Berbers some have been fully Arabized and some haven't.

(Your only hope) not all Iranians are as racist as you mate so give your mouth a rest with that bullsht. Hasn't anybody taught you that generalizing isn't a good habit. Not all Gulf Arabs are bad either you'll find good people even in Saudi Arabia who are treated badly by the Monarchy up there.

As a Muslim we shouldn't look at race nationality or caste but the level of the person's piety and morals.

Donkey this article of yours is very sad to read. Any pimp who treats women in that way regardless of the ethnic backround the 2 are from should be shot on the spot.

Anonymous said...

Much respect to the brother of the Moroccan victim for shooting down that 'loverboy' dog. Incidents like that is maybe why the number of Moroccan and Turkish victims have decreased.

If I ever found a Muslim victim being trafficked around like that where I live I would probably kill her pimp even if she wasn't related to me by blood.

But thank God our statistics of stable families and fearsome reputation for protecting our daughters and sisters from such predators has kept the streets clean so I don't think I'd be forced to take matters into my own hands any time soon. I only hope the situation eases for any other innocent victims in other parts of the world that we don't know of.