Sunday, September 04, 2005

A self-confident woman

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.....translated from Dutch into broken English....again.

From the same book as in my previous post: ’Verlicht Kwartier, 40 jaar Arnhemse Spijkerbuurt.’ by Kees Crone(2003)

Hmmmm, I have posted only the window-stories. Usually negative stories. In the future I’ll do some club-stories too. Fortunately there áre some good clubs that don’t employ trafficked women. On the other hand, one prostitute said that in every club there are some girls who are forced by their boyfriends.

Some excerpts:

A self-confident woman.

Kees Crone

‘A little bit of respect please. I am a human being, not a blow-up doll.’

Blond and white window-prostitute Bianca immediately strikes the right note by indicating that she doesn’t want to answer personal questions. She’s in her twenties, doesn’t live in Arnhem and she’s in the business for approximately three years. She works for the largest amount of time in the Spijkerkwartier, but a short while ago she tried her luck on de Wallen in Amsterdam. She didn’t like working in the capital city. ‘There are only tourists there who are trying to make pictures. You hardly build up your own clientele and I wasn’t doing fine with the other girls. There only was competition. For that matter it’s a lot more cosy here.’ She actually can get along well with the other girls. If there are problems with clients, they help each other out.
She won’t take long to take an opinion about loverboygirls[girls with a pimp]. ‘Okay, it’s a pity for some indivuals, but often they are so stupid. Often they fall in that trap with their eyes open. Sometimes a girl just got rid of such a guy, two months later she’s hanging around with the next one. I don’t feel compassionate for them. They are doing it to themselves, that’s what I believe. Some girls are weak and cannot be alone. They only want to receive presents and attention. You warn such a person, but if they don’t listen they'll have to decide for themselves.’
She laughs, luckily she doesn’t fall for Turks and Moroccans she adds. ‘That’s the advantage I have. Mind you that I don’t have a relationship and I don’t want one too. Obviously, men have tried to set me up, but I don’t get bothered by that anymore. Newcomers are always tried out. They know exactly where I’m at right now!’


She admits getting in contact with the foreign girls is difficult. The language is a barrier. The girls from the Eastern bloc simply all have a pimp and barely have the chance to talk to someone else. If they try, they’ll have to deal with him first. A big mouth is the least they can get. She finds that really annoying. As far as that’s concerned, she has had more nasty experiences. It happens that a loverboy[pimp] just knocks on the door if he believes the time is up for the client. He[the client?] disappears and he[the pimp] takes all the money. ‘There was a girl up here in the basement that was forced by her boyfriend to always let her window stand open. He just stood there listening at the window and keep an eye on things. Sometimes a girl is scolded in such a horrific way that I stand up for her. Be glad this girl gives all the money to you. But, these girls are also so stupid.’ She has had her experiences with addicted prostitutes too. They ask for money and promise to give it back. But afterwards she can kiss her money goodbye. She knows the police bears a grudge against the foreign loverboys. But according to her the behaviour of the Dutch men is equally embarrassing. ‘Okay, they don’t deal and stuff, but often they hang around in front of your window for hours. If there’s a new girl, they’re standing there seven strong in front of her window making comments. Oh, you’re so ugly, you have fat tits etcetera. As far as I’m concerned, the police should take action against those things too.’

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