Sunday, September 11, 2005

My story:I visited prostitutes

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Well, anyway. Once, I was hanging around in Amsterdam…..and…..the most obvious thing you do when you are in Amsterdam is………yep……….to visit ‘de Wallen’, the Red Light District. And…I have to say….that was a shocking experience. Obviously I’ve heard about window-prostitution before, I have lived in the Netherlands whole my life, but to see those women challenge the public so openly from behind their windows was….shocking. (To be honest, I had been to a red light district before with my parents when I was a kid, but I can’t remember anything of that occasion) I mean, the shopping public just walked through this area as if it was the most normal thing you can do. A fat black prostitute sat there behind here window smiling at the crowd. A latin girl was dancing behind her window shaking with her behind. And…there was a man in a lion-suite showing around some tourists!!! An older couple walked in front of me and they were really watching with awe and wonder (and horror). A young blond girl laughed at me from behind a window. That….was such a thrill. To be honest, I was having some plans in my mind before. But…I never had sex with a woman before in my life, and this was the chance I’ve been waiting for. And it was so close, and for just 50 bucks…...but I was too scared at the moment.

I waited a couple of days and I went back to Amsterdam again. I mustered up all my courage and I stepped towards a window of a somewhat older prostitute (I believe it was in the Sint Annenstraat). “Fifty?”, she asked….”Okay”. She asked where I came from. “The Netherlands”…she answered:“Oh, uit Nederland!”. She spoke Dutch fluently, but with a German accent. She asked me if this was the first time I’ve visited a prostitute. She explained to me what the tariffs were, 50 euros was just sucking OR fucking, 70 euros sucking AND fucking, for a 100 euros you can stay for half an hour and do whatever you want (except anal and stuff). I chose 70. Should have done a hundred because she kicked me out within no time. But….it was a nice experience anyway. I lost my virginity.

The atmosphere in a window-brothel was really cool. There’s a bed, a mirror (you can look at yourself!), a red light. And the smell….well….the place smelled like decontaminating stuff. It was as if I was visiting the dentist really. The lady behaved exactly like the female dentist assistant. You lie there on a bed naked, with a naked lady you just know for two minutes. She gives you blowjob. She said…”well, it it’s hard enough now, I think we can fuck. Which position?”. That was a difficult question. It took me a minute to reach a decision….doggystyle!!!!! A little bit agitated, she said: ”Then we’ll do it doggystyle”.

That was disappointing. I’ve seen porn-videos and these guys have these huge dicks. Mine’s only ‘average’. The porn-guys can really bang all the way; they have over 8 inch dicks, and have a large margin to thrust. I found out, that basically, despite my dick being 6 inches, I only have a margin of 2 inches really. If you pull out your dick more than 2 inches, you’ll easily slip out. The woman was making noises too, as if she was enjoying it. I’m not naive. She must have sex with 10 men a day. Nope, it’s just labour for her.

Anyway, after it was over, I was really excited. It tasted like more. I decided that from now on, I would visit a prostitute every once in a while.

A couple of days later I read a woman’s magazine. And…what a coincidence!!!! There was an article about the red light district in Amsterdam. The female reporters said it was a humiliating place to be for a woman. And they mentioned pimps. I was shocked. Pimps? I haven’t seen any strange persons when I visited the RLD. They interviewed Mariska Majoor. She is an ex-prostitute. She has her own shop in the RLD and gives information to tourists. She explains how she entered prostitution at age 16 because she wanted to buy a dog.

In the same article there was an interview with a woman who was a victim of human trafficking and who was forced by the traffickers to work in the RLD behind a window. It was a shocking story. She was really angry about the men (clients/Johns) who were taking examining glances at her. She could escape because at one point the trafficker was forbidden by the police to enter the RLD. She hid in the home of a girlfriend. The trafficker found her new location and he beat her up in front of her new residence. The neighbourhood became alarmed and warned the police. The man was detained.

Yep, that was an awful story. But I decide that such events must be really rare. Actually it didn’t interest me really. I was more interested in the size of my dick really. I was insecure about that, thought it was too small. I measured the length and the circumference. I looked on the internet, and I found out my dick was actually average, not small. I saw a site which was especially dedicated to the penissizedebate. The guy who made this internetsite even made a diagram, in which length, circumference and the pleasure the woman got from a penis where connected to each other.

Unfortunately, according to him, my dick is ‘only’ enjoyable. Actually a woman is really satisfied by a dick which is above average, between 7 and 8 inches, rather than six inches which is average.

But nonetheless visiting a prostitute was a big boost for my self esteem. At first I didn't pay much attention to the way I looked. But from this moment on I wanted to be beautiful... for the prostitutes. I wanted to impress them. I bought beautiful pants, nice shoes and a beautiful leather jacket. (Okay, and I also have to admit that the thought of being a woman and working as a prostitute turns me on. I believed that if I were a woman, I would have worked as a prostitute, cause I would have made a heck of a lot of money....... and it turns me on.... buying all those sexy lingery, watching yourself in the mirror undressing....... being fucked by a strange dirty men ...... but don't tell anyone else .....)

A couple of weeks went on until I visited my second prostitute.

The previous time I visited a prostitute, it was on a friday-afternoon. It was very calm in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. This time it was on a friday-evening. And this time is was very busy out there. The prostitute-clients moved in large groups through the alleys. I had the chance of looking at them. They looked very normal, not the dirty men you have in mind when you think about prostitute-clients.

As I mentioned before, I haven’t seen any pimps the previous times I visited this area. But this time, there actually were strange persons standing in the alleys. I didn’t know what to think of them. I was very nervous and basically I stepped as quickly as possible towards the nearest prostitute I saw (I believe it happened in the Bethlemsteeg). It was a nice-looking young blond girl. In front of her window stood some of these strange-looking foreign men, talking to each other with wild gestures in a strange language. She looked bored, and totally didn’t look at my direction. Suddenly I stood right before her window. She looked a bit surprised and stepped off her stool. She opened her window and said: ”Fifty?”. I replied: “a hundred”.(I didn’t make the same mistake again) “Half an hour?”, she asked. “Okay”. I stepped in and she closed the curtains.

I took off my coat. She pointed at the coathooks. “First pay?”, I asked. I gave her the 100 euros which she put in a wallet. She asked me, “where do you come from?” “the Netherlands” “The Netherlands? Geen Nederlands”. She couldn’t speak Dutch.

We both took off our clothes. She sat on her bed and she signalled I should lie down. She moved her face closely towards mine. “Do you have a girlfriend?”, she asked me. “No girlfriend!” “Why?! you’re beautiful!”. That was the probably the biggest compliment I’ve got in my whole life. (But now I believe: didn’t she say that to everybody?!)

In the background I heard the strange men talking in their strange language.

While we were busy I asked her how she knew when the time was up, because there wasn’t a clock in her room. Unfortunately her English wasn’t too good so she didn’t understand me. I asked her where she came from. She said: ”Latvia. Letland”. She smiled.

I said to her it was only the second time I had sex in my life. “Second?”, she said. She thought for a moment. Then she moved her face towards mine again. She said: “Heeyyyy, are you……” and she pointed to her head. I was totally surprised. How did she know?!!! (As a matter of fact, I AM crazy) But I thought she believed I didn’t feel well. I said: “I’m okay”. “You’re okay?”.

After we were finished we didn’t say a word to each other anymore. I basically came, and she said “finished?”. She removed the condom with a tissue. Then she sat on a bidet to wash herself from underneath. (the bed, the washstand and the bidet are all in the same room)

I quickly got dressed, and left. “Thanks”, I said.

At the same moment another man stepped out of another window. “Thanks”, he said. The prostitute with an Egyptian wig, just looked far ahead at nothing and moved her tongue across her lips. Behind another dark window, I saw the silhouette of a young man and a prostitute.

I decided I would examine this place in more detail. The strange men I didn’t see the previous times, I saw them now! I walked passed a window and saw two prostitutes and a young Moroccan man standing in the background!!! A young black prostitute sat on her stool smiling at me. Behind her another girl was combing her hair and was fully dressed. Probably she just finished her shift. The Moroccan guy was talking to her. I didn’t know what to think. I was in a state of denial basically.

De Wallen really is a strange place. I noticed a snack bar standing right between the window-brothels. I walked passed an outdoor-café and I looked at the people. There were men and women sitting there. Right next to this sidewalk-café there was a…….window with a girl behind it. The Egyptian wigs are popular, she had one too.

The Netherlands really is strange country.

I was really proud about what the girl said to me about being beautiful. I was so proud that I told my parents that I had visited a prostitute and that she said I was beautiful. They thought it was okay. They both said I had my "needs". My mother said that prostitution is the oldest profession. My father looked very stern at me and said:"If there where no prostitutes many more women would be raped."

A couple of days later I read a woman’s magazine. What a coincidence!!!!! There was an article about a victim of human trafficking. And guess where she came from???? From Latvia!!!! Remember the girl I just visited also came from Latvia?

That was a big shock. I immediately thought about the possibility that the girl I visited was trafficked too. I started to make plans to rescue her. I fantasized what would happen if I took her with me. Does she have clothes of her own? Should I buy clothes for her in advance? Should we swap clothes? Would the pimps follow us? How would it be to have such a girl in my home? All kinds op plans, but in the end, they were only fantasies. I did nothing to rescue her.

I wasn’t planning to stop visiting prostitutes anyway. But, I wanted to prevent visiting a potential victim of human trafficking again. What I did was to read a lot of books about prostitution and human trafficking. And I came to the conclusion that human trafficking was not a big deal. In one book it was said that there were ‘only’ a 1000 victims of human trafficking in the Netherlands. That’s not many if you consider there are 20.000 prostitutes in the Netherlands. I believed the chance of encountering a victim of human trafficking was slim.

Again, I headed to the Red Light District of Amsterdam. This time I visited a Dutch girl (I believe in the Dollebegijnensteeg). She was black, probably an immigrant from Surinam or the Netherlands Antilles. She looked at my penis and said: ”Lucky it’s not that thick”, and she smiled. I forgot about that. We were having sex, and at that moment, a man came at her window, who brought her some Chinese food. I became suspicious; was that man her pimp? She said the man was a lonely person who often brought food to the prostitutes, even if they didn’t pay.

I asked her what the strangest request were from clients. She asked me to give her an example. I proposed anal sex. She said: ”Oohh, I hear that 10 times a day.” I asked her if she did anal sex. Yes, for 200 euros. Obviously that’s not what I wanted. She said that some men also ask her to pie over them.

After we were finished, we talked to each other while I got dressed. I asked to her: “Do you have a pimp?”. She said: ”Haah!!! That word is not in my dictionary!!!!” I asked her if those girls were in love with their pimps. She interrupted me and said:"But he is not in love with her!!! It's all about the money." She seemed at bit angry. We were both silent. Suddenly she said:"Many girls who work here have a pimp. Yes.. a pimp!!!! A pimp, a pimp, a pimp.”

That was a totally new revelation. I wanted to talk to her about the awful stories I read, but unfortunately I had all my clothes on. She opened her window and said goodbye.

I was very shocked. It turned out te be the last time I visited a prostitute.

Almost a year has passed. I have read a lot of books and articles about prostitution. And the funny thing is, the world of prostitution is such a complex and strange world. Prostitutes are so elusive. Researchers give very contradictory views about prostitutes. Will one researcher say that prostitutes have usually been sexually abused and are exploited by pimps, another researcher will say that prostitutes actually don't differ very much from other women and that pimps are rare.

The more I read about prostitution the less I understand of it.

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dale said...

I am from America- North carolina to be exact. I have written a book, "Queen of Southgate", which is about my relationship with a street prostitute here.
When people in America talk about prostitutes, they usually think of the street walkers but prostitutes work in a variety of different environments and for many different reasons.
You can check out my book and read a chapter at my website

Donkey said...

Thanks for you message! (this isn't spam I hope?)

Anonymous said...

I am from the Netherlands too. For me, sex with hookers started many years ago, when I was just 18. An uncle took me to a brothel and he asked me to pick out a girl. Then he paid her 200 guilders and told her to give me a real good fuck. At first I was pretty shy, but the girl was very sweet and she taught me to penetrate her pussy and fuck her. Two hours later I had had two orgasms, in her pussy and on her breasts. And while I was enjoying my first sex, my uncle screwed one of the other girls in a room next to mine.
When we met again in the bar I was a real man. I felt happy and very proud and so did my uncle. He told me it was a family tradition to go to a whorehouse to practice sexual skills. My dad and my uncle did it too, when they were young.

For me, there were more lessons to follow. My sex teacher taught me a great deal of sexual positions and pussy eating and anal sex too. She made me a true sex machine.

Now I'm a father and a grandfather and I still visit prostitutes from time to time. My wife never talks about it, but I guess she knows. I am sure however she also knows sex with hookers is just a physical need for men.

I have two children myself and one grandchild, all female. No family tradition for them, hehe. But I'm sure sex will bring them as much fun and pleasure as it brought me.
People need to fuck. It's Nature. And sex certainly helps to enjoy life to the max.

Donkey said...

Thanks for the message! May I ask you a question? Did you use condoms at that time?

I know that during the seventies and eighties in many clubs in the Netherlands condoms were not used. This is a very bizarre idea to me. Didn't all these prostitutes have sexually transmitted illnesses? A funny idea that you could just orgasm inside them without protection.

It must have been a horrible time for prostitutes.

Candy Palmer said...

I'm from Australia and it is completely a different case. I wouldn't recommend street prostitutes though. Mainly, I book my girls on this website Canberra Escorts because they have really great and "clean" girls

el de siempre said...

Donkey, I have left a comment in relation to your last comment in the blog 'Barrio Rojo, un espacio sexual liberado'.

Thank you.

ex-client said...

For the Anonymous who wrote a comment on Friday, 28 June 2013 02:49:00 CEST

"An uncle took me to a brothel and he asked me to pick out a girl. Then he paid her 200 guilders and told her to give me a real good fuck."

I think your uncle was trully a son-of-a-bitch, and the rest of your family that support such things is in my opinion a conservative family of mean-spirited people.

Donkey said...

el de siempre, you said on the other blog:

- Donkey, if you want you can leave it. I abandoned it years ago and I did it by myself as a result of my (own)will.
I think that prostitution may be a very big problem for some men(in my case it was so), and many people: feminists pro-prostitution,social scientists with an ideology "individualistic-liberal", some journalists... don't realise how serious that problem can be.
I tend to think the problem with prostitution is for those men a problem of a nature mainly biographical.
Come on!

That was a response to me saying:

I'm actually thinking about completely leaving the world of prostitution behind. I don't want to read and write about it, and I totally want to stop visiting prostitutes. But I have tried that several times in the past, and I failed. But perhaps that totally disconnecting myself will work.

I will leave my blogs intact by the way.

I respond as follows:

Yeah, you are right "el de siempre". For me visiting prostitutes is a problem.

I keep finding excuses for myself all the time.

But the fact of the matter is, I do have good contacts with one prostitute called Eleni on de Wallen. She is really nice to me. And she doesn't seem to be bothered by the sex she has with her clients. She says all her clients are really friendly, and she can filter out the bad guys. Once a client asked her to let the curtain open so everybody could see them having sex. He wanted to pay lots of money for it. She didn't do it because it was forbidden. But she said that if it wasn't forbidden she would have done it. She explained that everybody has penises and vaginas, so why bother? She seems to be very open minded.

If she is really like this, I wouldn't have a problem visiting her, which I still do by the way. But if she hates her work then I'm of the opinion that I'm sexually harassing her.

I don't agree with the likes of Maggie McNeill who say that everybody has the right to dislike their work, so if a prostitute feels a client abuses her then it is her right to do so, and nothing more.

I'm taking a big gamble. If the prostitutes I visit hate their work or are even coerced, then I am a sexual harasser or even a rapist!

el de siempre said...

Donkey, I think, at this occassion you achieve this goal and you will leave it definitely. I've been able to leave it and you also will be able to do it.

Richard Son said...

I visited a prostitute in Amsterdam. It was fun

Anonymous said...

To the pig whose uncle too him to a brothel. Who is a 'father' to female children. Who still visits prostitutes and his wife knows.

You seem to think sex is some exclusive entitlement of men. It is men like you that makes women hate men. You even have a wife yet still think it is acceptable to buy women? You out you wife at risk of disease. Well it is likely she no longer has sex with you and is hopefully enjoying an affair. All women know that men who use porn and prostitutes make the worst lovers. I sincerely hope your family hates you. I hate you. For thinking you can buy women when most of the people in your family are women, but also denying them the family tradition because they are women. Also for thinking that your stupid 'physical need'is more important than a woman's personhood and equality.

I hope your wife divorces you, leaves you and your daughters abandon you. You deserve to be alone.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above:

Stop being such a feminazi. Just because some ways of life don't adhere to the morals of your own doesn't make them wrong.

I think you need to open your mind. How you brought porn into it I don't know.